Monday, 10 April 2017

There will be more Moslems than the Christians by 2070!

According to an inquiry of the American Research Institute regarding the evolution of religions, by 2070 there will be more moslems than the Christians.

In 2010 there were 1,6 billion moslems and 2,17 billion Christians in the world. The equilibrium however is going to change in the future and the moslems will be more than the Christians after almost a generation.

And while all these are evident, there is no reaction and no resistance towards the emerging islamization. Instead we have treasonous leaders letting these people flood in to Europe, to religiously, racially and culturally replace us, in our own continent, so they can take it over.
This was explained by us, at how quickly foreigners, especially Moslems have already replaced indigenous Europeans, in this article.

In Hellas, only Golden Dawn can and will stop these people from flooding into Europe.

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