Friday, 10 March 2017

Messinia: Greeks systemically disregarded to make way for Illegal Immigrants

Champagne Socialists & ‘humanitarians’ dine on the back of what remains of the Greek working class of Messinia, as Hellenes take a back seat and end up on the streets while illegal invaders from the 3rd world are given free hospitality at the expense of the Greek workers.

Specifically, a mother and her 2 children (with no father) from Messinia are forced onto the streets as the burdening taxes & bills are thrown at our most vulnerable to help pay for the Governments dirty debts.

Meanwhile, ‘humanitarian’ outrage forces the Government and local council to make provision for 87 illegal invaders who were found on a boat off the coast of Pylos. The invaders where relocated to a Hotspot in Agia Marina, which was converted from a former Greek infantry camp.

Of the 87, 4 were found to have highly contagious diseases while being out in Sea, while others were found to have fake papers to help facilitate their infiltration of Europe. In particular, a 29 year old had the fake papers because it was discovered he had been in Greece previously, and charged with robbery in 2013 by a court in Thrace.

All 87 were provided with shelter, food, medical treatment and clothing, yet why is this struggling Greek family forced onto the streets? Fortunately, locals from the area came to assist the family, picking up from where the treacherous government left off.

As Greeks continue to fall out of favour with the establishment in place of invaders, more and more people look outside the Establishment parties to end the misery which plagued Greek society for decades.

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  1. By having these invasive pests roaming around the country they also make that country they invaded into third world looking garbage tips with filth they leave behind every where ever they go.So when a visitor comes to Greece for a holiday to see Greece and Greek culture,all they see now is the slums of Bangladesh and illegal black cunts roaming the streets to rob,kill and rape the local population.Did you hear about a Pakistani who tried to abduct a 9 year old boy from a mothers arms in Alimos quite recently.These incidents happen on a daily basis.This is the new Europe that our "partners" in Brussels has forced upon all the countries in the so called union.But rest assured a revolution is just around the corner when indigenous Europeans will rise up and reclaim their countries and sovereignty.Long live Greece.Long live European civilization.