Friday, 17 February 2017

The importance of upcoming French Elections for Greece and all of Europe

While Nationalists across Europe differ considerably from the Front National on ideology, one common goal remains firm in our struggle against globalism – the much needed exit of Europe from the chaotic plutocracy of the EU.
Establishment candidates, including former presidents and prime ministers have been rejected by likely French voters, leaving Marine Le Pen to lead the Front National in the polls. Her main rivals include an Independent and Benoit Hamon of the Socialist Party, breaking precedent from all recent French elections in the last 40 years.
The upcoming French elections may indeed determine the fate of Greece and the rest of Europe as Le Pen not only leads a civic nationalist party, but also one that promises to restore France’s national sovereignty and eventual exit from the European Union. While this is indeed good for the French who may continue to ride the momentum of Trump’s populism into their elections, it may also be an important victory for the rest of the subjected satellite states of the EU.
A French exit from the EU would without a doubt cause the collapse of the EU, making the internationalist project a disaster for the creeping threat of Globalism. As the EU’s second largest economy, France’s exit would have greater impact than Brexit as France is also part of the single currency, which would cause far more severe repercussions for the economics and finance of what remains of the Union.
What does this mean for Greece
If the EU was to start its painful disintegration following Front National’s win, Greece would be neither exempt or spared during the process. Although Greece has remained largely out of the more recent news cycle, those that have been following the events closely over the last few months, will of noticed the debt crisis still threatens the country
Since 1975, oligarchs from Europe have slowly collaborated with the most treacherous political class in Greece to slowly dismantle our manufacturing and primary industries. Without a proper economy or currency of its own, the occupied Greek state and it’s kleptocrat politicians rely entirely on the EU to maintain their legitimacy.
It’s hard to imagine a Syriza, PASOK or New Democracy maintaining any political power once their strings are cut from the EU. While many of these political traitors have expensive villas in France and Switzerland to retreat to, it is almost a sure bet that grass roots movements will be in a prime position to fairly challenge the establishment for the rightful place of governors in a new and sovereign Greece.

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