Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hellenes take to the streets of Athens, in an anti-immigration protest.

Andrew Anglin's twin brother, expressing his anger against Rapefugees entering

Marchers expressed fury at the number of migrants remaining in Greece since the closure of the Balkan route into Europe.

Golden Dawn parliamentarian Ilias Panagiotaros said likes what he sees from across the Atlantic: “We don’t see any EU-Turkey migrant deal at all. We just see tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in our country and hundreds, thousands of others that have already come to Greece years ago and our country is an open field, everyone can come whenever they want and they can leave whenever they want. We would like to follow a policy like Donald Trump is doing in the States right now.”
Golden Dawn's policy on keeping illegals and non-Hellenes out of Hellas, is in line with the opinions of by far the majority of Hellenes, as was shown in a poll:

Article by XA Melbourne

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