Saturday, 18 February 2017

80% of Greeks do no approve of Muslim Immigration

A revealing study published by the newspaper Republic showed the results of Greeks regarding their opinion on Muslim immigrants.
Despite the propaganda push from NGOs, including that of multi-billionaire Marxist extraordinaire George Soros, the study shows 80% of Greeks do not want Muslims immigrating to Greece. Political correctness and mass media lies need not apply.
The study’s representative, Tramoyantis, speaking on behalf of the National Centre for Social Research states that "the General conclusion is that the Greeks are wary of both the economic consequences of immigration and the effects on issues of national identity and cultural homogeneity. Respondents believe that the country is not made better by the presence of refugees and migrants".
Tramoyantis further adds that “this dominates the stereotype that immigrants do not contribute positively to the country's economy and that they take jobs from the indigenous".
What’s the point of Democracy if the state actively works against the overwhelming majority of their constituents? What is the real purpose behind the politically orchestrated 3rd world invasion of Greece?
We know those of the 3rd world will work more hours for less money and benefits, which completely undercuts the indigenous working class of Europe. We also know they disproportionally commit acts of terrorism, assault and rape. We know a majority of them also favour Sharia Law. So what do Jewish billionaires like Soros & Ronald Lauder, as well as EU oligarchs like Merkel have to gain by flooding Greece and Europe with Muslims? The Muslims migrants certainly won’t be voting for Golden Dawn, that we can assure.


  1. As we all know,these sub humans are not migrants.They are invaders.And why should these uninvited invaders vote in someone elses country.They should piss off to where they came from.They have no right to be in that country and no right to make any demands.Did any one read the news about a Muslim curry muncher from Bangladesh who raped a blind mother and her daughter in the region of Elias.Maybe not, since most of the time the local media and police authorities hide such crimes.Lets hope Marie Le Pen in France does well in the next general elections.Hopefully things might start to change across Europe.EUROPE FOR EUROPEANS.EVERYONE ELSE.FUCK OFF!

  2. If 80% of Greek voters voted for Golden Dawn, they would have taken a super-majority landslide. We must get our message out and wake up the Greek people.