Sunday, 15 January 2017

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Richard Spencer Speaks

Top Advocate for European-Americans, Mr Richard B. Spencer, spoke positively of the Golden Dawn movement in a recent interview.
Comrade Spencer, former Executive Editor of Taki magazine, has been spearheading the Alternative-Right movement since 2010 and is also the leader of the National Policy Institute, a White Nationalist think tank based in Virginia. His message to Europeans on the North American continent is one of greatness and resilience.
It is worth noting that Spencer has achieved notoriety at NPI’s latest conference in 2016, following a coast to coast smear campaign by the American Lugenpresse. Chief culprits include The Atlantic, whose chief editor is known International Jew, Jeffrey Goldberg & their president is one, Mr (((Bob Cohn))).
To summarise Spencer’s talks regarding the Golden Dawn, he believes justly in the rise of the Golden Dawn, who are fighting the system and the foreign forces that threaten Greece. We salute Mr Spencer for his kind words, & wish him all the best with his patriotic endeavours.
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