Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Nikos Michaloliakos on Current Event in Greece

The Golden Dawn General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos appeared on Greek TV to comment on behalf of Greek Nationalists regarding current events.

Referring to the latest referendum in Italy, including the defeat of PM Renzo, Michaloliakos said the Italians disproved of Renzo while remaining defiant against the usurers of Europe. While on the topic of the EU, the General Secretary reiterated that the Golden Dawn remains firmly against Memorandum and stands for National Independence.

Michaloliakos said that the latest wave of Nationalist revolt across Europe will see the Golden Dawn grow stronger, and that whenever elections will next take place, we will be higher and the nationalist party will gain a broader response from Greek society. The latest polls show Golden Dawn currently sitting at 8%, and historically, almost all polls underestimate Golden Dawn’s actual electoral performance. The real percentage is most certainly much higher, and the next elections will confirm Golden Dawn’s growth.

He noted the Greek Justice Department’s brave decision not to issue Turkish dissidents officers back to Erdogan, while he wondered if ideals of the Republic prevail today in Greece, when Samaras unconstitutionally tried to make the 3rd largest political force in the country illegal.

Replying to spurious allegations from Syriza concerning the presence of members of the Golden Dawn in Kastelorizo , stating that it is the duty of the Greek Nationalists to side with the Greek soldiers and Guards who "honour the spirit of Thermopylae".

Moreover, he stressed that in the face of Turkey's continuing threats on January 31, the State must pay tribute to Panagiotis Vlachakou, Christodoulos Karathanasi and Hector Gialopso, their place of sacrifice, for raising the Greek flag on Imia.

Finally, the scandal of 9,84 FM underlined that the Athens municipality is riddled by corruption and only the Golden Dawn remains consistent with our popular message: "all thieves to gaol", and has requested the suspension of Article 86 Liability ministers.

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  1. Look at the guy in the middle, watch closely his eyes he blinks to much plus also periodically they seem to play tricks as he blinks.