Tuesday, 27 December 2016

In memory of Ambassador Andrey Karlov – Golden Dawn honours fallen Russian Diplomat

Golden Dawn Australia answered calls from our comrades at the Australian Russian Cossacks, to pay respects to fallen Russian Diplomat to Turkey, Andrey G. Kalov.

The event was organised by the Russian Cossacks, under Simeon Boikov, which took place in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and was attended by Nationalists from Golden Dawn, Australia First, Serbian Chetniks, as well as other Arab Nationalist groups who support Assad & Putin.

Key speakers included Sergey Shipiov, the Consul General to the Russian Federation, Jim Salem of Australia First, as well as Ignatius Gaviliridis of the Hellenic Nationalist of Australia, who made the following statement:

We stand by Russia who is heading the front against the violence in the Middle East! We also definitely wish to see peace among the Syrian people

The full speeches can be heard in their entirety, courtesy of our friends at the United Nationalists of Australia:

In Greece, Golden Dawn leader Michaloliakos affirmed Golden Dawn’s position as once again on the side of Putin’s Australia, paying respect to Karlov, and reaffirming our alliance to Russia.

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