Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Golden Dawn Melbourne BBQ

Last Sunday, Golden Dawn Melbourne had a BBQ. This was a great get together to finish off the year, as well as a chance for members to donate towards Golden Dawn's Christmas food drives in Hellas.

Readers should remember that, nations often have benefited the most, from the contributions from it's diaspora population. Historically, the Hellenic diaspora has been instrumental in the support of the Hellenic Nationalist movement. Our very own War of Independence in 1821, was planned and coordinated by Hellenes in the diaspora, who supplied financial aid, arms, political support, and soldiers for our war against the Ottoman occupiers. Like the Filiki Eteria group of the past who overthrew the Ottomans out of Hellas, Golden Dawn members from New York, Montreal and Australia support the Hellenic Nationalist movement. It is no different today, like Israel for example, which survives as a country despite being surrounded Arab neighbors, not because of Israel's power, but because of the political and financial support from powerful Jews, outside of Israel, who live in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Therefore the contributions from the Golden Dawn chapters in Australia, U.S. and Canada towards the Nationalist movement in the homeland, is always very valuable and crucial.

Below are some photos. Over 30 people attended the BBQ, however for obvious reason, not everyone chose to be photographed.

Article by XA Melbourne

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