Sunday, 4 December 2016

An answer from Golden Dawn to the Turkish challenges about Imia Island

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Imia [Island] is Greek soil, soaked with the blood of our Heroes, Panagiotis Vlachakos, Hector Gialopsos and Christodoulos Karathanasis. We don’t bestow nor a thousandth of Greek land and sea to the barbarians Turkish invaders. Instead, we claim the territories that the Turkish have illegally occupied: Ionia, Pontus and Constantinople.

Golden Dawn - Press Office
Translated by XA Melbourne

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  1. The Turks,these goat herders from Central Asia, will have the same fate as the Persians.The Greeks and many other peoples in the region have an old score to settle with these sub humans.The Turks think they are going to have a new Ottoman Empire.They are dreaming.I read Erdogan is claiming territory as far as Bosnia.He will get a good reception from the Croats and Serbs.Maybe the Turks want to go to the Crimea.I hope so.That way they they can embrace Armageddon even quicker.Isn't amazing that a race of dogs who before WW1 never had a country of their own, lay claim to territories from people who have been in the region since prehistoric times.And Greece's western so called 'Allies' and 'Partners' never say anything about it.Then again Western Europeans help put the Turks their in the first place,when they betrayed Byzantium.After the West Europeans copied,borrowed and stole from Greek Civilization they then turned their back on the Greeks.The only country that will help Greece will be Russia.Bring the bear down to the Aegean.God bless Russia.God bless Greece.