Sunday, 20 November 2016

Syriza Anarchists Attempt to Murder Golden Dawn MP George Germenis

Our comrade MP George Germenis was attacked some hours ago by 30 Syriza sponsored anarchists armed with Iron crowbars, striking him in the head with intent to kill. Germenis fought back while being hit with the crowbars and the attackers retreated, not prepared for him to fight back. Germenis required stitches on his skull and then went to the Golden Dawn HQ to give the following statement.

“This morning I was on the receiving end of a murderous attack in Maroussi by a criminal group of 30 parastatals from SYRIZA, who attacked me near the offices of Golden Dawn in the Northern Suburbs. The intentions of this gang were clearly murderous and they wanted my extermination. They attacked us with iron bars and with a gas spray against me. I defended myself, fended off their attack, and made them retreat.

I wish to say this: That with these sorts of attacks both against me and against Golden Dawn’s cadres, but also supporters of the Movement, they won’t be able to break us. The righteous Struggle of Golden Dawn, the only Patriot body of Greece will resist such attacks and rest assured that the final Victory will be ours."

Statement by Giorgios Germanis
Golden Dawn MP
Video and Article by XA New York


  1. And amongst the left wing anarchists trash who destroy,disrupt and intimidate Greek people and property are illegal invaders who the left wing whole heartedly support and see them as New Greeks!But don't worry fellow patriots.Look what's happening around the world in the west.Nationalist parties are on the rise.The days of the left wing and illegal invaders are numbered.

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