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Nikolaos Michaloliakos: The mob, the soul of the Nation and a “revolution” anticipated from everyone

The Soul of the Nation and the real Revolution

People have never revolted because of financial issues, despite their sufferings. There are other reasons way more important, who fascinate the soul of the Nation, in a mystic and metaphysical way. There are reasons who lead to real revolutions.

Well, there is no need to expect that suddenly people will protest for ENFIA (Unified Property Ownership Tax), for the salary cuts and for the unemployment. Solely the apathy, the misery and an immense individualism in the logic of “everyone by himself” are spread in this depressive situation.

At this point, we have to notice the problem of the numerous suicides in the times of the memorandum, which constitute the outcome of the lack of Ideals and the ravaging of the national and social union, which leads our fellow citizens to the death, for the superficial reason of being excluded from the only paradise of our time, the “paradise” of over consuming. It constitutes a new phenomenon for the Greek society, which in the past confronted a greater poverty, literally a famine, yet the people were not ending their lives because they couldn't pay their debts in banks and the tax offices!

This situation was not evident in the past, given the fact that other values, way more important that the material goods prevailed. The incarnation of the bourgeois (middle class) aspiration of a wealthy life devastated those greater values, such as the Faith, the Homeland, the Family. An aspiration that was built upon the national ideals in the years after the change of the regime and turned into a nightmare.

In the years of the foreign occupation

If our national and social union had not been devastated by the over consuming, the rapid loans, the iniquitous villas, the invasion and the spread of a foreign culture, the state of corruption and impunity, then there would be indeed a rigorous resistance in these years of this obvious foreign occupation.

Gustave Le Bon does not randomly invoke in his well-known book, “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MASSES” that People can be as solid, as they are racially coherent and that the Ethnicity constitutes the most important factor regarding the collective comportment of the masses. Additionally, he specifies that the most fundamental trait of the people’s attitude is the Ethnicity. The most assured way for people to fall into psychological devastation lies in the invasion of foreign racial characteristics.

All these years, the marxist and liberal ideologies, alienated by the National Soul and the Tradition, contributed to the estrangement of the Greek soul, which is no longer able to resist against this barbaric invasion. The rationalism creates the science, yet, according to Gustave Le Bon, solely Faith can write History!

Well, how do you expect in this era of unbelief that there are people able to resist against the upcoming crisis?

In order to realize the necessity for the National Soul to remain proud and unbowed, I shall report an example from the book of Gustave Le Bon “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION”. During the era of the French invasion in Russia and the occupation of Moscow by Napoleon, the Russian Empress Elizabeth, whose ethnicity is German, deriving from Baden, wrote a letter to her mother, where she reports the following event:

"In Mosque, French soldiers had captured a group of Russian peasants, in order to use them as supporting stuff. They also marked their arms with hot iron, to prevent them from escaping, just like the horses are marked in the stables. One of these captured Russians asks about this mark, so when he receives the answer that from now on he is considered as French soldier, he grabs an axe, cuts his hand off and throws it to the Frenchmen.”

This is the Faith…And if you think that a population who has become miserable and apathetic, lacking a revolutionary leadership, will ever be able to revolt because of ENFIA and the cuts in the pensions, then you are extremely ignorant!

The return to our roots, the only way

Well, there is no need to expect that the “revolution” will…emerge from the economic wretchedness, because this is not about to happen, especially when those who were and still remain devoted to the National resistance are the victims of a monstrous political conspiracy and they literally confront an entire regime and a global system of fake and sterile values, who are radically opposed to everything national, to every form of Traditional society, with Principles and Ideals.

Their sole god is the “golden calf”, money, a false god, destined to faint away, to be defeated, yet not effortlessly. There is need for fights and sacrifices, for Humans to return once again in the world of Ideas. Only the return to our roots, to the undying values of Hellenism, ensures the reemergence of hope in this, ravaged and enslaved by the disgrace and the deception of our land. And this need is currently more urgent than ever; in the era of a profound nihilism, where there are those who aim to erase everything from the memory of our people, they want to mutate our History, our Faith, they even aspire to change the composition of the population of our state. They want a Greece without Greeks and they are indifferent about the distribution of the Greek citizenship to hundreds of Asians, Africans and whoever arrive illegally in this land. This the return that Golden Dawn wish for and for the shake of this return, Golden Dawn strives.

Regarding the economic crisis and the poverty, these are only the pretexts, not the origin of the problem, so do not expect from the people to revolt for their money. No one ever died for the European currency, or a blue flag with yellow stars.

N. G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn
Edited by XA Melbourne

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