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Marrying people outside our race, helps wipe out our own race

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The biggest threat to the existence of any race, along with mass immigration causing demographic replacement, is intermarriage with people outside of our race.

This is currently a huge threat facing Hellenes, outside of Hellas. 
Speaking to one priest from one of Australia's main Greek Orthodox churches, He said that 75% of marriages he conducts with young Hellenes are mixed marriages.  This is a depressing stat. 

How does mixed marriage cause the disappearance of one's race?  
Take for example, if a Hellene named Hercules marries an Asian girl named Ching Ming. They have a baby, and name him Con Fu. Con Fu is now a half 'Greek', half Asian, but is more likely to look Asian. The Greek dad Hercules, notices that his own son looks Asian, and realizes his son doesn't even look like his own kid.  Hercules now has regrets...
Anyways, Con Fu than sees the example of his parents who had a mixed marriage, is likely to do the same, and marry a non-Greek when he grows up.  Con Fu and his non-Greek wife than have a kid. His kid is only a quarter 'Greek'.  The Greek bloodline has been wiped out right there - in only 3 generations.

In other words, for the past 3 thousand years, past Hellenes have spilled tones of blood and died, fighting to preserve future generations of our people and our Hellene race, our race which has the greatest legacy in history, and some people are willing to give it all away... over simply a girl?  Think about that for a second.

Image result for Sofoklis Schortsanitis
Basketball player, Sofoklis Schortsanitis. He's half 'Greek', half African.  But can you tell he's half 'Greek' though? Didn't think so.

But we're all one race - the human race!!

This is a common argument I hear from cultural Marxists.  Another is, ''All humans share about 99.9% of genes with each other, proving we're all one race.''

What they don't tell you is that humans and pigs also share about 98% of genes with each other. Humans and Chimpanzees also share around 99%.  Does that mean human, pigs and chimps are all the same race? And we should of live among each other and marry pigs and chimps? Of course not.
In fact, most mammals share a near identical gene makeup with each other and with humans. 
But it's the tiny percentage of difference, that is what makes us different from other species, or other races.

But according to one scientist named Chris Moran, it's simplistic to put an actual number figure on the similarity of our genes, anyway.  Meaning, saying we're 99.9% the same as other humans, or 98% the same as pigs, is overly simplistic according to Chris.

Races are different sub-species of the human species.  Just like dogs for example.  Different species of dogs, may be able to breed with each other, but they are still very different species, with different characteristics. You never hear anyone claim ''Dogs are all one species'', or ''Dobermans and Labradors are the same sub-species'', like liberals claim, ''There's one race - the human race.''

This is actually liberal's logic lol

Put their money where their mouth is.

If cultural Marxists want to say that all races are the same, and are happy to let the Western world be taken over by foreign races, demographically through mass immigration and through mixed marriage, tell them to put their money where their mouth is and move for 1 year to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Somalia and if they manage to last there, than they can truly see if all humans are both biologically and culturally the same.

But I guarantee you, most would never have the guts to take you up on the offer, even if you pay for them to do it, as they'd know deep down, it'll be an entirely different world for them, due to the people that reside there, who are far different.

Races are culturally and biologically different from each other, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Races are different sub-species of the human species. Like Lions and Tigers who are clearly different sub-species of cats, and have different characteristics.  Yet, despite the fact that a lion and a tiger is capable of cross breeding together, does that make it normal?  Of course not. 
God may love us all, but he made us different, and he didn't make a mistake when he created us differently.

Therefore we should look after and protect our race, by marrying our own kind, rather than contributing to the extermination of our race, by marrying and mix breeding outside of our kind. 

Even Muhammad Ali can work that we should marry our own kind.

Article by XA Melbourne

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