Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Leftists get BTFO: 98% of Hungarians vote NO to bringing in Rapefugees


In possibly the most ridiculously lopsided vote we've ever seen, predictably 98% of Hungarians, just voted no to taking in illegal immigrant quotas.

The voice of Indigenous Europeans all around Europe is LOUD and clear.  They want Europe for Europeans.  They don't want to be slowly demographically replaced and taken over, both racially and culturally in their own country, like we've seen in the EU capital Brusselstan, where now Islam is the largest religion, and 1/4 of all Brussels inhabitants are Moslem, as well as in London where White Britons are already a minority.

The only downer is, due to the voter turn out being below 50% (it was 44%), the vote is considered invalid.  Never mind the fact this is ridiculous, because all Hungarians had an opportunity to vote, yet 56% decided they didn't want a say on the issue, therefore their opinions shouldn't be taken into consideration.  Only the 44% who bothered to vote, should have their voice taken into consideration.

Since the voice of Europeans, particularly those in Southern and Eastern Europe, for a long time, has clearly been against illegals coming in, and Marxists, Anarchists and especially Jews who have tried to force third world brown immigration in Greece and Europe, have just being BTFO again with this ridiculously lob sided vote, it's time the Marxist and Antifa traitors put their money where their mouth is and go to those countries, and help those people themselves.  
Put your money where your mouth is faggots.  But we know they won't. 

The only party in Hellas that will ensure that Hellenes won't have their land swamped by Illegals and illegal immigrants quotas, is Golden Dawn.

Stay out cockroaches

Article by XA Melbourne

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