Saturday, 15 October 2016

Horror: Apocalypse has arrived in Paris in 2016

Apocalypse is already here.  Our great civilization is being destroyed.
This is what our anti-Nationalist opponents want.

The very short clip above, is unbelievable and has to be seen to actually be believed. 
It shows Paris, a city once regularly shown in films as a dream city, in 2016 has been turned into an 3rd world Apocalyptic, Dystopian slum, thanks to illegal immigrants.

When degenerate, drug addict Anarchists and Leftists yell out ''NO BORDERS, NO NATIONS!'', and traitor puppet politicians agree with them, the above short clip, is the consequence of their calls.
And worst of all, if you don't want this dystopian horror future for your cities and country, these traitors will call you names such as racist, hater, bigot, redneck etc.
While these traitors may yell, ''The illegals in the video need more housing!'', what these leftists and establishment puppet politicians fail to realize, because they've never had a real job in their lives, is that this requires money from the hard working tax payer like me and you, the reader, to pay for that. And continuous amounts of tax money, being used to pay to house these never ending amounts of illegals coming in, because leftists and the political establishment want a world with no borders, will eventually send any country broke.

While Paris has been turned into a Dystopian horror story, rest assured readers, if elected, Golden Dawn will never let this happen to cities like Sparta (The birth place of National Socialism), Athens, Thessalonica, or any other Hellenic city, despite the efforts of SYRIZA and New Democracy traitors, to let illegals continuously flood into Hellas.

File:Akropolis by Leo von Klenze.jpg
The greatest ever civilization with an unmatched legacy and history, that is the Hellenes, should never have their cities be allowed to be turned into dystopian slums taken over by foreigners.

As for you French, who have let your civilization get destroyed and taken over by 3rd world hordes, be assured - At least you'll die knowing, no one ever called you the big bad word ''racist'', which would of been a much worse thing to happen, yeah? 

Article by XA Melbourne

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  1. Is this the new Europe they want?Are they serious?Maybe the traitor politicians and left wing anarchist trash who support these illegal,disease ridden pests should spend a part of their free time in removing trash and shoveling shit from the streets in order to make their guests more acceptable to the besieged and frightened locals.I am surprised if Europe will have a tourist industry in the future.