Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Poll shows Hellenes want Hellas only for Hellenes

Missed this, but a study from March this year by the PED research center, asked people from White countries, whether they want more diversity in their country – In other words, do they want more foreigners in their country.      
The response from Hellenes was very clear.  An overwhelming majority of 63% said they do not want more diversity – meaning they do not want foreigners in their country.  27% didn't really care, either way, and only a small portion of 10% said they wanted more foreigners in Hellas.           
So the response from the Hellenic people is very clear.  They do not want more foreigners, particularly illegals in their country.  Why is it Europe’s responsibility to take millions of browns from the Middle East?  You don’t see oil rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman or Qatar taking these Syrian or Iraqi illegals in, even though they are their own Arab Moslem brothers.  So why should Europe?  For example do you see Saudi Arabia or Qatar taking in tens of thousands of Ukrainian Refugees for example, because of the Ukrainian civil war?  Of course not.  Diversity, such as accepting millions of non-Europeans into your country, is only forced onto white countries, by powerful Jewish Non-Government Organization lobbies and Jew controlled Western media. Diversity is never forced on non-White countries.

Of course, we know that the traitor government of the Hellenes will not observe the will of the people, and instead serve the will of their globalist masters.  Golden Dawn is the only party that will stop illegals coming into Hellas, and serve the interests of Hellenes, rather than Global powers and foreigners.

Article by XA Melbourne

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