Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pakistanis continue to enrich Greece

If you ask any British or German tourist what the most enriching and vibrant part about visiting Greece is, don’t expect to hear about beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, or Greek hospitality and cuisine. Only a CIS gendered racist would confirm the patriarchal and historically privileges of the Greeks. The correct answer is the Pakistanis that have recently colonised the country. They the Pakistanis are by far the best thing about Greece today, as any Communist or Jew will assure you.

This week in Greece, we add another page to the timeless contributions of Asiatic invaders to our country. Firstly, a total of 24 ‘refugees’, including 18 men and 6 women, where found outside the camp installations of the Sofitex factory in the Northern city of Thessaloniki. The ‘refugees’ where found to be operating a criminal organisation, focusing on the distribution of narcotics among the town locals.

Now ask yourself, how do invaders who don’t speak the language, or have any understanding of the criminal underworld in a foreign country, operate in a place like Greece? The answer is simple, as the very same people who proudly stand in solidarity with them, namely the anarchist filth, deploy such undesirables in their drug networks (along with Albanians). Without the Leftist regimes political influence, or the anarchist street thugs of the government, no Pakistani would be able to make it in Greece, drug dealer or otherwise. If it is the criminal internationalists who enable these predators in our land, and it is they who need to be defeated in order to bring law and order back to our streets.

In addition to horrible drugs being peddled among our youth, we also had another case of kidnapping and ransom in the Kallithea municipal region of Greece earlier this week. A 22 year old was kidnapped by 5 of his Pakistani compatriots, who tied him up in an apartment, demanding a sum total of 500 euros for his release. So far, police have arrested 2, which the other 3 remain currently at large.

Can Pakistani Nationalists find such examples of Hellenes doing the same in Pakistan? Or how about among the general Greek diaspora across North America and Australia? We highlight these examples to shatter the ongoing myth of ‘equality’ that suggests all migrants are the same.


  1. Actually invasive curry munchers can be quite useful to the Greek military.Occasionally the army does exercises with live ammunition.Instead of Pakistanis and other invaders murdering our children with drugs maybe the defence forces can use these pieces of shit as target practice.

  2. The invaders should actually be run through with home-made lances, in our original and purer Homeric tradition.