Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Muslim Brotherhood calls for revolt against Greeks on the Island of Crete

Fanatical Islamists from the town of Timbaki in Crete, indiscriminately call all Muslims on the island, both legal residents and illegal immigrants, in direct revolt against the Greeks. The call came from the dropping of propaganda leaflets across the town earlier this week.
The leaflets, signed by the "Muslim Brotherhood of Crete" clearly promotes the hatred and incitement to violence against the Cretans by all Muslim. There is now a proven declaration of expansionary warfare from the Radical Muslim world into the geopolitical living space of Greeks. This threat is very serious and we should not take to it lightly, because it directly affects key matters of national security and the internal social tranquillity of the Cretan people and generally all Greeks.
Let's see what exactly this call for uprising of Muslims, in order to draw conclusions. The news comes from the informational website
"In the name of Allah the Merciful, Generous. To say. "It is Allah, the unique. Allah, the independent, whom we all beg. He procreates not and has not been born. And there is none like unto Him "(Koran, ch. 112, part 30 Al Iklas)
You are the senior people of the whole world, only your faith counts and any other, you have the right of life and death and property on any other man who would dare to challenge its primacy and you will embrace your faith.
Allah commanded the believers to be masters of the Earth where we live, and only they can have properties, and only we will be able to have the land. Allah said that would have mastered the whole planet, and the faithful to have the land and crops.
Unbelievers cannot have land and crops because it belongs just to us believers. The unbelievers will receive only from us stops that enforce the sanctuary only KORANI alms.
Koran 9:12 "though they (the unbelievers) break their oath after the deal and (blatantly) blame your religion, then fight with the heads of the infidels – certainly the vows do not deserve them – so as to stop".
Koran 8:12 "Remember that your Lord inspired the angels (with the message):" I am with you: give strength to the believers»

It is immediately obvious that the authors of this memo are aware of the propaganda that all wars are made for the capturing a living space that someone else currently occupies. And the authority for each conquest expressed by Sun Tzu, the author of ancient Chinese military strategy manual "the art of war" which states: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting". And in the case of present-day Greece, the quote couldn't be more true.
The deliberate plan of removing more than half million Greeks from their homeland with the excuse of (artificial) economic crisis weakens the fighting potential of Greece. The destructive whirlwind of SYRIZA with the overt support of New Democracy & Independent Greeks continues in all the basic ingredients of Greek society: deliberate over-taxing, attack on education, degradation of the Orthodox Religion and decimation of public health. The influx of endless Islamist hordes, the huge majority of whom are illegal invaders, continues seamlessly.
Those who are taking note would appreciate that it is no coincidence that the propaganda distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood of Crete is clearly in favour of the takeover of Greece by  Muslims. Muslim immigrants in Greece are coming in disproportionately large number to Greeks who are leaving, and causing intense concern for public order and social peace. Not a single bullet is fired, yet, they are flooding us while we are leaving. Sun Tzu proves to be correct in this instance, as the fighting spirit of Greeks to protect their living space has been paralysed by criminal Neo-Liberal politicians and the decadent culture they have produced over the last 40 years in Greece.
The best defence of the Greeks against the upcoming Islamic whirlwind is to enforce our borders with the assistance of the military, as proposed the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Any illegal intruder who manages to get a foot hold into Greek territory, will be immediately arrested, imprisoned and deported upon summary procedures. It's awfully difficult to orchestrate a Muslim take over of Greece if there are hardly no Muslims. 

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