Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lying Media prove they have zero credibility as usual

A retired American police officer, dubbed a hero, after saving a baby locked in a boiling hot car by itself, was interviewed by CNN owned channel, HLN.  CNN is run by Jew, Jeff Zucker by the way, just like nearly all of the big American media TV channels are headed by Jews.

Anyway, the former police officer while being interviewed happened to be wearing a ‘’Donald Trump President 2016’’ T-Shirt.  Not wanting the goyim viewers to see that the hero was a Donald Trump supporter, which could reflect well on Trump to the viewers, the news show actually blurred out his T-Shirt during the interview!  They want to make sure people instead vote for Madam Goldman Sachs Shillary Clinton. See it for yourself in the video below:

This the usual propaganda tactics the lying Jew run media as we've seen time and time again.

CNN produced another ‘’memorable’’ censorship moment, when a United States soldier who was interviewed said, ‘’It would be dangerous to go nit picking wars with places like Iran, Israel is more than capable of defending itself’’.

As soon as he mentioned Iran, there was a ‘’glitch’’, and than as soon as he said Israel is more than capable, he was cut off.  The feed was ‘’supposedly’’ lost.  CNN didn’t want you know that Israel should defend itself, instead of sending American boys to die fighting in the Middle East in order to destroy Israel’s enemies such as Iraq and Iran, in order to secure Israel’s dominance in the region, just like they've admitted in the past.  Below is the short clip:

Jeff Zucker, the face of trust – You can supposedly trust his news to tell you the truth goyim…

This is just like the media in Greece and the West in general, who tell more lies than the actual truth!  Does anyone remember when the Greek media made up a story about Golden Dawn going into a hospital and attacking the immigrants in there?

They even showed a photo to prove their fiction story:

The picture that was used to claim Golden Dawn had invaded a hospital and attacked immigrants.
Only to be exposed as a poor photoshop job taken from a separate Golden Dawn rally:

This exactly why for example in a country like the United States of America, a survey shown only 6% of people ‘’have full confidence in the media’’.  To the media journalist degenerates who sometimes visit our site, you have to understand something very simple – The goyim do not believe your propaganda any more.  You are only preaching your propaganda to yourself.  And you have the audacity to call yourself, ‘’free press’’...

Article by XA Melbourne

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