Friday, 23 September 2016

Immigration Laws Enforced for 8 Failed Turkish Coup Officers – 50,000 Rapefugees Are somehow Above Greek Law

More hypocrisy from the circus show which parades itself as the current Syriza Regime, as a clear lack of double standard is applied on those illegally entering our nation.

Following the failed Coup in Turkey, a number of Turkish Military Officers attempted to seek Asylum in Greece as Erdogan retook power in Turkey. The Syriza Regime, wishing to remain subservient to their Turkroach masters in Ankara, have decided to apply Greece’s sovereign entry laws to expel the 8 Turkish Military Officers back to their nation of origin in order to be prosecuted. In short- the Greek State used its existing and constitutional laws to decline asylum to those who illegally entered our borders.

The hypocrisy here lies with the 50,000 invaders (the real number of which is probably much greater) who currently occupying Greece. Sometimes they are referred to as by the powers that be as ‘Assylum Seekers’, ‘Refugees’, other times ‘economic migrants’. The Greek people have another word for such invaders: XENI. The Greek government contiously makes excuses for reufusing to deport these savages, stating that Greece has no legal right to do so, yet the current example proves otherwise.

While the corrupt Greek Government may wish to ignore their existing laws in order to host such undesirables (under EU pressure), the huge majority of Greeks, as we established earlier, are not in favour of the occupation of their fatherland by existing invaders. We demand the Greek government administer the current laws, and enforce the will of the Greek people.
Greece belongs to the Greeks. We didn’t fight for our Ethnostate to become a ‘hot spot’ for the Middle East’s undesirables. 

We are not a temporary hotel for the dregs of Western Asia. We where founded as an independent nation that exists for the only purpose of fulfilling the sovereign rights of all Greeks.

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