Friday, 12 August 2016

White feminist solidarity with Muslim ‘refugees’ is a recipe for rape

A 20 year old American girl recently made a decision to volunteer for an NGO in order to help support the ‘refugee’ crisis in Greece, the result of which ended with the police arresting 2 Syrian ‘refugees’ for attempted rape.
The American worked at a refugee centre, West of Thessaloniki (in Pieria), which hosted and supported illegal aliens and their transitional pillage into Europe. The American volunteer had taken 3 military aged Syrian men (also known as poor and defenceless ‘refugees’) on an excursion to the Korinos beach, where she acted as a ‘chaperone’ to Middle Eastern men over 3 years her senior.
While in a secluded area, the 3 Arabian men isolated the volunteer and attempted to rape her. The American was fortunate enough to escape and notified the authorities immediately about the incident. The police charged 2 Syrians with the attempted rape, a 23 & 24 year old, while the third remains at large.
While this woman can consider herself rather lucky (unlike other women in Rotherham or Cologne), the true extent of sexual assault and violence against female volunteers for ‘humanitarian organisations’ continues to remain unknown.  This is because the Left actively conceals the crimes of its third world clients, who are little more than pets to the globalist elite who use them as a battery ram against the West. We expect more such stories to emerge as NGOs fail to protect their ‘feminists in solidarity’ while unwisely professing unconditional love for the incoming Islamist hordes.

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