Friday, 5 August 2016

Traitors: Greek parliament approved to speed up Athen’s first Mosque in 150 years

206 members of the Greek parliament voted recently to speed up the construction of Athen's first Mosque since the Greek War of Independence. 206 members have spat on the graves of their ancestors who fought for a free & sovereign Greece, freedom fighters who fought against the Islamic tyranny that occupied our lands for over 400 years.

Golden Dawn opposed the bill, while the Cuckservative ‘Right-Wing’ Independent Greeks also voted against the bill. The Independent Greek’s vote was nothing more than a theatrical display to appease their voter base, as unlike Golden Dawn, they are coalition partners of the ruling Government, and have the power to break the coalition and force snap elections if they truly wanted to fight the bill. Of course, they chose not to, and instead refuse to use any real bargaining power they have to remain as the controlled opposition that they are.

The Mosque is being paid for by the bankrupt state of Greece, a nation that has brought nearly 1/3 of their citizens to the brink of poverty, while unemployment has consistently soared well over 25% for years, and nearly 50% for the youth. Why are Greek tax payers paying for a mosque, to accommodate hostile invaders when our own people currently suffer? This is a question that our criminal elite refuse to answer, and instead deflect with strawman arguments that make a mockery of our people and what we have historically stood for. Case in point is Education Minister Nikos Filis, who states that

The existence of makeshift mosques is a shame for the country as well as for the Muslim community and a danger to national security,”
If we wish to avoid the problems facing France and Belgium, we should not make the mistakes that they are now trying to deal with,”

These absurd statements simply do not match to reality. Unlike most other Western Europeans, common working class Greeks are not so pathologically altruistic against Muslim invaders, and treat them with a fair sense of suspicion and distrust. Apart from the bourgeois leftists & Antifa who use the Muslims as pets to signal their suicidal love for all people, polls show there is little love for Middle Eastern hordes in Greece.

Yet despite the negative attitudes for the overwhelming majority of Greeks towards refugees, there have not been any major terrorist attacks in Greece. Meanwhile, the British, Germans, Belgians & French who let the Saudi’s build hundreds of Mosques in their lands, have all experienced serious terrorist attacks over the last few years, leading to the death of literally hundreds of Western Europeans.

So, Mr. Filis, you claim not building Mosques for Muslims is a National Security risk, yet where is the proof? How does building mosques for Muslims decrease their likelihood of spontaneously combusting, when the facts on the ground in Europe suggest otherwise? Why do Muslim refugees skip Greece and literally go to countries where there are mosques to commit their terrorist attacks?

The fact is, Mosques serve as a radicalisation point for Muslims, and even the Jews who fully support the Islamic take over of the West agree that Saudi money provides a breeding ground for Wahhabist Fundamentalists, which is as high as 80% of Mosques in the US alone.

Now to play the Devil’s Advocate here, we can agree that while Mr Filis is a delusional leftist tool, he is somewhat partially correct in his statement. It’s probably not the Mosques that will be responsible for the soon to be terrorist attacks. Athens has had literally dozens of vacant mosques that serve as mesuems to overseas visitors, and they have not caused any German tourists to randomly explode shortly after yelling Allah Akbur. Instead, it is the Muslims themselves who are responsible for the terrorist attacks, and it is the Muslims themselves who are the National Security risk.

We leave our readers with a simple question - How can there be Muslim Terrorist Attacks when there are no Muslims? 



  2. Nikos Filis and other traitors claim that if we don't build mosques for these sub-humans they might start to make trouble.Well,why don't these invaders F***K OFF from Greece.Who asked them to go there in the first place.What are they doing in the country?To work?What work?Greeks themselves have gone overseas to find work.Do those corrupt politicians in Greece think that the country is some sort of industrial power house like Germany with plenty of work.The main form of income for the country is tourism where the locals become servants for foreigners where sometimes they are ridiculed by these tourists as beggers.Have you seen the Greece of today on a map.It's about the same size as an arsehole.You can thank Islam for that and to other opportunistic and parasitic thieving races like Albanians and South Slavs.Our ancient warrior ancestors made mince meat out of these rag heads on the battlefield.Nikos Filis and the rest of you traitors,you better start building more jail cells.Because that's where all of you are going to end up.And as for those illegal invaders,you will ALL go back to where you came from.

  3. Scortum of Mossad6 August 2016 at 02:51

    "How can there be Muslim Terrorist Attacks when there are no Muslims?"

    Bro, haven't you heard of the 'Nirvana fallacy'? If there are no Muslims in Greece to blow themselves up, it just means Greeks will do it in their place.

    What you racists don't understand is that the universe has a predetermined number of terrorist attacks that must happen, & removing Muslims from the picture just means White people will take their place & do it instead. For no reason at all. Because Nirvana. That's why. Racist racist racist.

    1. Or it could be the Zionists who would perform the terrorist attacks like they did in Syria. Assad will defeat ISIS and the rest of your puppets in Syria. Golden Dawn shall liberate Greece from the clutches of the globalists.

    2. You belong gassed in a death camp.

  4. We need a military coup in Greece. This is a perfect opportunity, for Putin to financially, support X.A. and the military to take back our country , and throw all these corrupt politicians, life in prison not living off the Greek taxpayers but off there families instead.