Saturday, 6 August 2016

The August 4th Regime

On August 4th, 80 years ago, Ioannis Metaxas and the August 4th Nationalist regime took power in Greece.  He was most known for leading Greece to victory against Italy in World War 2.

Metaxas’ great vision was to lay down the foundations for a ‘Third Hellenic Civilization’, which was to be heir of two glorious episodes of Greek history - ancient Greece and the Roman ‘’Byzantine’’ Empire in the Middle Ages. In only 5 years he implemented hundreds of social, industrial, administrative and economic reforms.

He establishing holidays with full pay, maternity leave and the 8-hours workday, mandatory paid leaves, banning child labour, establishing Sunday as rest day, and building child care centres, among other initiatives. He also set up Greece’s first social security system, the Social Insurance Foundation (IKA) which to this day provides most Greeks with their medical coverage and pensions. He also ignited great infrastructure works (telecommunications, railways, hospitals, roads, land drainages) and the industrial and agricultural sectors boomed.  These initiatives happened because the Metaxas regime was there to serve the Greek people, unlike the modern day so-called ‘’democratic’’ Greek government, who takes out political measures that harm Greeks instead, as they are there to serve the international banks such as Goldman Sachs, as well as the E.U., for their own personal gain, rather than serve the Greek people.

The below video, shows the popularity of the Metaxas regime.  Today's pseudo-democratic government and its supporters will never show Greeks this.  Instead they try and get us to believe the lie, that if Greece is to be successful, Greece needs a government that's weak and sub-servant to International Bankers.  


Article by XA Melbourne

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  1. Like the Phoenix Greece will rise again.Only a patriotic and Nationalist Party will steer the country in the right direction.And it will govern for the interests of the Greek people and the nation.Not for the interests of foreign powers.Greece has 6000 years of civilization.It has had many ups and downs in it's long history.Greece will never die.Greece is the Alpha and Omega of the western world.