Friday, 12 August 2016

SYRIZA has a Turkish Nationalist politician in it's ranks

Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos (above), exposes the fact that SYRIZA has a Turkish Nationalist MP in it's ranks.
While here in the West, for the last few decades, we are accustomed to all sorts of treason from our puppet governments that would of had them hung for treason many decades ago, few top this act of treason - SYRIZA not openly has a Turkish MP in their ranks, but one who is a fanatical Turkish Patriot and a Turkish agent!  

We are talking about Hussein Zeybek, who is a SYRIZA MP, and has openly taken part in meetings with the DEB organisation, which is an organization which falsely advocates that there is a Turkish Minority in Thrace in Greece, in order to push for the autonomy and independence of these so called ''Turks'' in Thrace.  The Turkish government is also behind this organization. These Moslems in Thrace they refer to are not Turks, but are in fact Slavic Moslems known as ''Pomaks''. 

When Hussein Zeybek was asked in parliament by Golden Dawn MP, Yiannis Lagos, if he willingly denies that there's a so-called Turkish minority in Thrace, Yiannis was met with silence.  Hussein couldn't bring himself to do it.

Below are short video's of the incidents.  A special note of thank you, to the Golden Dawn New York chapter, for their great work in translating these videos, and regularly putting them up.

Turkish agent Hussein Zeybek, at DEB Turkish meeting.
Hussein Zeybek shown here, speaking at DEB meeting!
And best till last... Hussein Zeybek, under the Turkish flag and Kemal Ataturk portrait. 
That's your SYRIZA politicians for you - Turkish agents

Article by XA Melbourne



  2. If Hussein Zeybek is so proud of being a dirty slimy Turkish dog,maybe he should go and gather some goats in Central Asia.And not soil the sacred lands Of Alexander The Great,Leonidas and other great Hellenes who made Greece the Cradle Of Western Civilisation.