Sunday, 21 August 2016

Message from Nikolaos Michaloliakos - The revenge of the “believers” against a society without belief

A 33 year old Algerian was the perpetrator of the recent murderous attack at Charleroi, in Belgium. Holding a sword and shouting “Allah Akbar” he attacked against two female police officers. Shortly after, he fell dead from the police charges, although this incident cannot act as a discouragement for those who are “mad” for Allah, who have carried out a massive and uncontrollable attacks against European countries. They lash out against the citizens, creating a chaos, which Europe cannot deal with.

A Europe in which the secret services, even if they have clues about those associated with ISIS jihadists, are unable to prevent their action. It’s worth noting that among these perpetrators there are also persons that have been born and raised with the so called…European Education, but then again that means nothing. It means nothing because the sacred war against the non-believers, jihad, constitutes a basic principle of Islam, despite the propaganda of the media, which try to present these actions as isolated incidents.

But how a “civilized” and “anti-racist” society could stop those who are determined to fight? How is it possible that a Europe of decadence, a Europe without faith, lacking principles and ideals, can encounter those, who, in the name of their- wrong if you prefer- faith, yet faith, are determined to throw their life?

This is the first and major reason for the failure of the European state in this battle against the islamic terrorists. This Europe, which in the name of a “multicultural” society murders her own ideals and ideas, is automatically unable to encounter the islamic threat. Keep apart the propaganda mechanisms of this system, who create a completely opposite atmosphere, towards the real situation.

The liberalist and the marxist public opinion formers in France, in Germany, in Italy, also in Greece, don’t blame neither islam, nor the illegal immigrants; Using sociology fiction, they try to present these terrorists and murderers as… persons with psychological issues or other problems.

This war, which has burst into the societies of Europe, won’t end effortlessly, when this decayed Europe –with criminal negligence- permitted the transformation of our societies into jungles, inhabited by millions of moslems!

That was not a problem of Greece, which was a united national state, where the vast majority of the inhabitants were Greek Christian Orthodox. Yet, those responsible for the current situation, the governments of PASOK, ND and SYRIZA, over the last twenty months, have declared the “anti-racism” as a doctrine for their political correctness. So, today in this country reside millions of moslems, among which there are certainly some persons, who-in the current situation- wouldn’t find it hard to die for their belief, towards a society, in which the masters aspire the non-belief and the distraction of Ideals.

Those who believe that the [illegal immigrant] “hot spots” and the media propaganda will solve this problem are wrong. And their misjudgment was obvious in the recent vote in the Greek Parliament, concerning the building of a mosque in the heart of Athens!

And, whether they like it or not, in this vote Golden Dawn was the official opposition, since among the 26 votes against the building of the islamic mosque, the 18 of those votes were from GOLDEN DAWN.

N. G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn
Translated by XA Melbourne



  2. We have lost our minds when we invite hundreds of thousands of people into our country who have an ideology that is not only not compatible with western society, but will seek to dominate and islamify it.