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XA Australia Youth Front interview with Forza Nuova USA

Forza Nuova (FN) is Italy’s premiere Nationalist party, which has fought the globalist New World Order in defense of the Italian people for the last two decades.

Founded by renown Nationalist Robert Fiore, who is also the President of the Alliance of Peace and Freedom (AFP), FN is a brother party to Golden Dawn, holding equally strong relations with German, Czech, Danish, Slovakian, Spanish, French and Belgium nationalist parties through the AFP.
Forza Nuova has stood strongly in defense of Golden Dawn, Particularly During The unconstitutional political persecution in 2013, and has provided the parties with ongoing solidarity, as well as material resources to assist with our political struggle, such as food drives to help the suffering Greek people who were brought to their knees by the elites.

The party shares a common Ethno-Nationalist ideology with Golden Dawn, and Italian patriots have stood shoulder to shoulder with Hellenic Nationalists for decades as our brothers in arms against globalism, modernity, crony-capitalism and the current 3 rd world invasion orchestrated by the criminal EU. Forza Nuova, along with other Italian allies, hold an annual tribute to Greek Nationalist Mikis Mantakas, killed in Italy During the 70s by Anarchist para-state thugs.

Today we recognise FN’s latest American chapters , who along with Golden Dawn New York, continuing to provide solidarity and support among the diaspora in North American in defense of our homelands in Europe. Joining us for this short interview is Tiberius from Forza Nuova USA, who will share his insight with the local movement in America.
  • Can you tell us more about FN’s ideology? What do you believe in, and what separates you from the Civic Patriots like the Northern League? First of all, thank you for the interview. It is with much honor that we can work with Golden Dawn as brother parties fighting for our survival. That being said, and in order to answer your question, Forza Nuova is the premiere nationalist party of Italy. We put the interests of Italians first and exist to further Italian interests. We are different from the Northern League in that, we are not a civic nationalist party. Civic nationalists basically think that anyone and their uncle is an Italian, as long as they are born in Italy. We know who real Italians are: ethnic and racial Mediterraneans who have tight bonds to the fatherland. Although they may say they are anti-EU, they are more Euro-skeptic than anything. The Lega is not a nationalist party, but would best be described as far-right populists or conservatives. Here at FN we focus heavily on Blood-Fatherland-Freedom. We do not, and never will stray from our founding principles. Our 8 points, which are our basic guidelines, can be found here on our website.
  • Both Golden Dawn and FN are part of the AFP. For our readers who do not know what the AFP is, can you give us a brief rundown of the Alliance, as well as Roberto Fiore’s leading role in the organization. Yes, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom was founded in February of 2015 to unite all of the nationalist parties of Europe. Both Golden Dawn and FN are members. The leader of Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore, is also the acting leader of the AFP. We already have members in the European Parliament advocating for our party and for closer geo-strategic partnership with Russia.
  • FN has experienced similar electoral results to Golden Dawn prior to 2012, but has suddenly taken a great leap forward in the latest Italian polls. What has Caused this sudden jump, and does FN plan to take seats in the next upcoming elections? There were recent municipal elections in Italy, where we gained over 10 seats on the local level. Right now, we are about where Golden Dawn was in 2008, where we are a boiling pot ready to explode in the polls, but Italy is still a couple years “behind” Greece. Right now, we are focusing on giving food to the poor through our charity Solidarieta Nazionale and providing local Italians with our famous “Night walks.” We walk Italians home if they live in illegal immigrant infested areas. We do this to protect our brothers from the Afro-Plutonic invasion bomb haha. But yes, we do expect to gain a few parliamentary seats in the next elections. We expect to get 1-2% of the vote, which may seem miniscule, but you have to remember we start at the local level and build our way up. Your party is the 3rd, perhaps 2nd largest in Greece. In 2011 you were polling at 1%, by 2012 you were at 10%. All of Europe is awakening as you can see with Brexit and the National Front in France.
  • Tell us more about FN’s expansion into the USA. What are your goals in the States and where are you based? Europe has reached a boiling point. You saw Golden Dawn expand abroad in 2012 and 2013 and now we are doing the same in 2016. Last year many Italians got together and decided that we did not want a world where our children have no homelands. The Jewish people get Israel, Ugandans get Uganda, the Chinese get China, and we Italians want to keep our Italy. With current immigration levels, we will be a minority in our homeland by 2050. We cannot and will not let that happen. Our goals in the USA are to promote Italian heritage, to get people registered to vote for FN, and to send aid back to Italy. We advocate a PEACEFUL protest to what the elites are doing to us in our homeland.
  • We have many Australians of Italian heritage, some of which follow our site and have made contact with our chapters here in Australia. What message do you have to proud Italians-Australians, how can they assist FN and the Italian people? Our message is simple: Act now and save your Italian brothers. Time is running out and we can no longer afford to sit idly by while we lose our country. Do whatever you can to help now.
In conclusion, I would like to say thank you to Golden Dawn Australia for this interview. We will continue to work closely together in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom to save our countries. We are racially very close to the Greeks, so we see you as brothers. Thank you.

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