Saturday, 30 July 2016

Update from Golden Dawn Australia - July 2016

Apologies to our readers who may of noticed a decline in recent posts on our site. Golden Dawn Australia is currently working on a large number of initiatives to help with our struggle, all of which have consequently taken much of the time we use to update our page. Below is a quick update on our progress in Australia, post traffic should return to normal by Mid-August

Golden Dawn Welcome Takis of Australia
Facebook and Youtube personality known as ‘Takis from Australia’, is a Nationalist Hellene residing in the Sunshine state. Takis has been chronicling the situation in Greece for years, sharing valuable insight to the thousands of his followers about the rot and decline which has plagued modern Greece.

Like all grassroots Nationalists, Takis has come to the logical conclusion that if we as Greeks wish to preserve our people, our culture and our dignity, that only Golden Dawn has the will and ideology to secure a free and independent Greece.

Late last month, Takis met with representatives of Golden Dawn, and helped launch our latest Brisbane Chapter on the 25th June. In early July, Takis was proudly wearing a Golden Dawn Australia T-shirt, when he announced his loyalty to the People’s Movement for all his followers in a widely shared video on Facebook.

Takis has been incredibly influential in growing Golden Dawn’s support not just amongst Greeks in Queensland & Australia, but also to his countless followers across the world. This includes citizens with voting privileges in Greece, which will help steer patriotic Hellenes in the right direction come election time.

Golden Dawn Australia – Annual Conference
A gathering of Golden Dawn Australia representatives from all our chapters will be taking place later this year. The event will the first of many annual events to come in Australia, which will be held in different State capitals for subsequent years.

The gathering will be invite only (for now) and based on the response from current RSVPs, we are expecting over 100 attendees for our first event. We encourage all our members to contact their chapter representatives, and to make arrangements for our first National gathering.

Soon: Golden Dawn Darwin
Hellenic Nationalists are preparing for the launch of Golden Dawn in the Northern Territory. This will be the first organised Golden Dawn chapter in Darwin, which boasts one the largest Greek-per-capita populations in Australia. 

We have received a number of email enquiries from Greek Nationalists in Darwin over the past few years, and we now encourage our comrades to once again make contact with us via phone or email, to be put in contact with Golden Dawn supporters in Darwin. This soon to be chapter is expected to become official in either late August or early September, with updates to be provided on our website for all our readers.

In response to a number of enquiries we have recently received by phone and email…
The Anglo Sphere is experiencing a late rise in Nationalist sentiment, similar to what has been growing on Mainland Europe since the GFC. With the proud British people making the brave step to deny the Internationalists of their homeland, we have also seen the rise of Civic Nationalists & populists such as Trump in the US, and Pauline Hanson here in Australia.

In response to a large number of enquiries regarding the situation in Australia, we chose to share the following:
  • No, Milo Yiannopoulos is not a member of Golden Dawn. Contrary to his Greek surname, Milo is admittedly Jewish. And a homosexual. We actively discriminate against such people who have no place in our movement.
  • No, we are not supporters of Pauline Hanson or Tony Abbott. While we appreciate the shifting of the Overton Window, we stand by our Social-Nationalist principles. The Australia First Party shares a similar ideology to Golden Dawn, and it is that brand of genuine Nationalism that we wish to see grow in Australia. What we want for Greece, is essentially what we want for Australia.

We are not Zionists, or Rootless Cosmopolitans looking to promote ‘multiculturalism minus Islam’. It is Australia’s European heritage we support in this country, not the Chinese, not the Jews, and certainly not the Liberal party.

  • No,Toby’ is not a member of Golden Dawn, and we stand by our first statement of disassociation from earlier in the year against this degenerate. Despite sporting a counterfeit Golden Dawn T-shirt from Ebay, it is believed Toby is actually half Pakistani (or something?), and was found touching himself while high on pills in a gay nightclub somewhere in Darlinghurst.

The latest act of degeneracy was caught on video, which is currently circulating online. We prefer not to link to the video as it is extremely disturbing, but our favourite ethno-masochist and Anarcho-Cuck Sick Bastard has linked the video on his FB page.


  1. Who's that degenerate "Toby" that dares to link himself with Golden Dawn?

    1. A half Paki that has an identity problem. He runs around with the zio patriots Sherman and Neil Erikson.

      His been asked to not wear it but he lacks any rational thoughts.

    2. He's irrelevant, a nobody, which is why he warrants a paragraph at best, rather than another additional article.

      Just another Zionist loser, controlled opposition at best. Nothing to see here, let's all move on.

  2. "we stand by our Social-Nationalist principles"
    I'd like to read more about this - do you have any links?

  3. Does Golden Dawn Australia support the UFP?