Saturday, 16 July 2016

Only the nationalist parties in Europe will crush Islamic terrorism

Another Habibi massacres 84 people in France. Noone saw this coming. Who could of predicted this?
Incited by the recent terrorist assault of jihadists, causing multiple fatalities, the spokesperson of Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris made the following statement:

"Europe is experiencing the most tragic consequences of Islamization and the only solution for crushing Islamic terrorism, is European nationalist parties to take command of their countries, particularly in Greece, where we will not allow the materialization of Tsipras and his miserable companion's plan of transforming the country into an endless hot-spot for Moslems."

Article by XA Hellas
Translation by XA Melbourne

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  1. I wonder if those European Union Bureaucrat Clowns still want to invite that artificial state they call Turkey into the FAMILY.Especially now that Erdogan wants to reestablish the Ottoman Empire with a Theocratic Dictatorship.Then you will see an even bigger invasion of Muslims.