Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Clinton Corruption: Hillary’s Jewish family connections tried to profit from Greek Financial Crisis

Trump has rightfully accused Hillary Clinton as been the most corrupt candidate ever, as it well known that her and her husbands ‘Clinton Foundation’ is essentially a mafia style NY profiteering racket, which the Clinton’s have personally profited from at the expense of the American people. While the scandals and corruption don’t end at the Clinton Foundation, this latest report suggests that Clinton’s dirty politics spread as far away as Greece, in an attempt to allow her Jewish family connections to profit illegally & unethically from Greece’s financial rape at the hands of the globalist elite.

As Clinton’s illegal and improper use of her own private server has begun to heat up, more emails from 2012 have just surfaced which show Clinton has been illegally sharing classified information with Jewish connections of hers regarding the financial situation in Greece. Clinton’s Jewish partners in crime include her Jewish son-in-law, Marc Mezvinski (who married the Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea), as well as Clinton Foundation Consultant, known Jew Sidney Blumenthal.

In short, Clinton served in the Obama administration as Secretary of State, where she was privy to highly confidential information regarding the economic situation in Greece. By law, federal regulations prohibit the sharing of protested/non-public information to further the interests of others, including financial interests.

It is now revealed that in 2012, Clinton had shared confidential & protected information illegally with Mezvinski & Blumenthal via email, who attempted to use that information to hedge their bets on a Greek economic recovery. 

Unfortunately for them, the hopeless EU’s information was unable to predict the real life situation in Greece, and the 2 international hedge fund gangsters failed to capitalise on their bets, even with Clinton’s insider information.

The corruption includes the usual suspects, such as Goldman Sachs, who along with Clinton, heavily lobbied for the bailout of Greece which led to the degradation of our national sovereignty, as well as the enforcing of the criminal austerity measures which have driven hundreds of Greeks to suicide, and brought entire families to the brink of poverty.

So far, Clinton has proved to be the rightful heir to the corrupt establishment, as neither of the endless scandals and corruption she has been proven to be involved in have landed her the proper criminal handling which is warranted to such a traitor. It’s inevitable that the system will do everything in can to prevent her indictment, however, the Clintons are getting sloppy in covering up their crimes, and with enough noise in the public arena, there may be a situation where the authorities are forced to act.

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