Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Anti-Hellenic Para-State Exposed: The Son of Minister Panos Skourletis Arrested in Connection to the Attack on Golden Dawn Office

The long standing links the state with the minions of the anti-Greek para-state were revealed today by the news reproduced by various of informative web sites and radio stations, but probably will be buried by the mass media.

The son of "antifascist" environment minister for Syriza, Panos Skourletis, the 21 year old student Vassilis Skourletis was among the four arrested, this past Wednesday in regards to the attack on the offices of Golden Dawn in Maroussi.

The four paramilitary minions, among them was the son of the minister, had court documents formed against them for dangerous bodily harm, destruction of property, disturbing the peace and defiance.

Yesterday morning, they were led to the Prosecutor, with the presence of "solidarity" from their friends, which were released as the trial was postponed for Friday, July 15, 2016.

The Political Struggle and the rise of Golden Dawn won't be interrupted, regardless of the wishes of the state and para-state!

On a side note, it's interesting to see as usual, Melbourne's Antifa crew of pot heads and drug addicts, ''No to Golden Dawn in Melbourne'', came out openly supporting political violence against those that have a different opinion to them, claiming ''support the troops'', in regards to the four anarchists charged for this violence. 

What's interesting here is 2 things: 
  1. Antifa like to claim Golden Dawn is supposedly violent, therefore should be banned as a political party, even though they regularly and openly condone political violence committed by themselves.  Hypocritical much? 
  2. They claim Golden Dawn is supposedly working with the state, which is just stupid nonsense, considering the state has jailed Golden Dawn, and the media has continuously attacked Golden Dawn.
Can you imagine if a son of a Golden Dawn politician was caught attacking a political rival's office?  There would be calls to ban Golden Dawn, and would result in another crackdown again.  So much for ''Golden Dawn working with the state rubbish''.  Most non-pot headed, sane people realizes it's the antifa minions of the state who are in collaboration with the state and not Golden Dawn.

The gig is up Antifa Anarchists.  When Golden Dawn comes into power, and polls show we are gaining in popularity more and more, all you criminals who cause political violence, and criminal damage will be arrested and severely punished. 

Article by XA Hellas
Translated and contributed to by XA Melbourne

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