Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Golden Dawn Australia's response to the Neos Kosmos writer, Fotis Kapetopoulos.

A very flattering photo of Fotis.

The Marxist ''Greek'' newspaper the Neos Kosmos, has written a negative article on Golden Dawn Australia, just like they've written many negative articles in the past, attacking Golden Dawn. This particular article has been written by the person in the picture above, Fotis Kapetopoulos. Yes, we are a few days late on responding to the Neos Kosmos, as we, along with the majority of other young and middle aged Greeks, don't actually read this dying Marxist newspaper, therefore only found out about it, after we were informed about it by an individual. 

We'll just show the main highlights from his article, as well as our responses, to each of the attacks on us by Fotis:

'A problem which the Greek Community as an official entity, the Greek Media and the Greek community as citizens of Victoria is dealing with is a group about 30 young men between 16yrs and 35yrs who belong to the Greek fascist group, Golden Dawn. These ultra-nationalists and racists infiltrated the Hellas Fan Club. They are moronic in the truest sense of the Greek word; i.e. infantile, inept, repressed and ignorant. The Hellas Fan Club needs to identify these thugs then turn them over to the police. They are an embarrassment to the Greek community here as well as the Greeks in Greece, and they, like all fascist groups find solace in chaos.' 

Would Fotis like to explain, what laws Golden Dawn member's of the Australian Chapter have broken, for them to be turned over to the police?  

Fotis, do you have any proof, that it was Golden Dawn members that were actually lighting all the flares?  No 

Or was the alleged supporter of us, who was carrying a flag with a Nationalist Cross symbol, committing an illegal act by carrying that flag?  No.

So what laws have Golden Dawn members broken for them to be turned over to the police, Fotis?
Oh that's right, you want Golden Dawners arrested, because you simply don't agree with our opinion.  You know, the usual leftist verbal diarrhea.  Leftists yell and scream about freedom of speech and democracy, until people have a very different opinion to them.  That's when your kind than starts demanding ''hate speech'' laws, censoring of speech and the arrest of people that don't share your opinion, just like your kind has already done in Europe.  Hypocrite.

Also just for the record, Golden Dawn Australian and Hellas Fan Club are 2 different organisations, and are not connected.

'Worse, given that the majority of Greeks fought against fascism in WWII and during the 1967-74 Junta'. 

Erm, nice way to try revise history there, liar. Greece before and during part of WWII, was under a military dictatorship itself, headed by Ioannis Metaxas.

In WWII, Greeks did not fight against an ideology, they fought invading nations -  That is the invading nations of Italy and Germany.  

Unless you want to use the same consistent logic, and claim that in WWI, the Triple Entente (Russia, Britain and France) fought against democracy, when they fought against the democratic monarchies of Germany and Austria-Hungry.  Will you use that same consistent logic?  No, I don't think you'd do that.

'Golden Dawn has slipped in polls dramatically'

Oh ye, same old crap the puppet media have repeated for the last several years, that the Golden Dawn has dipped in the polls dramatically, but than the controlled media gets proven wrong at the elections every time - 2012 Greek elections2014 Greek EU elections2015 Greek elections   Nice mud slinging lie there mate.  

'In reality the Hellas Fan Club need to be barred from sporting events until they oust all Golden Dawn wankers.'

Yes, Hellas Fan Club need to be barred from sporting events, until they oust people, that share a different political view from Fotis.  And you have the audacity to call us fascist, you hypocrite Fotis?  Look in the mirror. 

Again, just to repeat, Golden Dawn and Hellas Fan Club are 2 different organisations.  Yes, there are some members of Hellas Fan Club, just like in every sector of the Greek community that happen to support Golden Dawn.  No big deal.  It's their democratic right to do so, isn't it Fotis?  Or do they only deserve freedom of speech, when they share your opinion Fotis?

Some may ask us, why we have even bothered to respond to this dying newspaper that the majority of Young and Middle aged Greeks don't actually read.  
The reason is, because even kicking a dead horse can be funny sometimes.

Article by XA Melbourne


  1. Get a life Fotis.You are the embarrassment to the Greek community.You wouldn't look out of place in a gay bar.

  2. This doesnt matter. I came across this article and as soon as he said "Golden Dawn infiltrated the Hellas Fan club and should be turned over to police" I thought you are dealing with a facsist right there cos there is no proof to any of it.

    Garbage journalism.

  3. Are we sure this guy is Greek? He looks like a filthy gypsy to me.

    Fotis is a total malaka, he needs to be sent back to Makronisos like the rest of the Commie scum

  4. Yes I too read the pathetic article by Mr Fotis.
    He is inciting instability within the Greek community and as such must be held accountable.
    As his punishment(therapy)he must undertake a course in Hellenic history as this may resolve his wickedness.

    Constantinos Kyriakopoulos

  5. "Fotis, do you have any proof, that it was Golden Dawn members that were actually lighting all the flares?"

    I'd say there's a pretty good chance that some Golden Dawn members would've been responsible for lighting flares, since the background image for your webpage is a bunch of guys holding flares. You spastics.

    1. Could that be you Fotis? Love your logic here: Because there's a photo of Golden Dawn supporters IN GREECE with a few flares, that somehow proves that it was Golden Dawn members that lit the flares at Lonsdale Street, and at the Greece vs Australia game?
      Do you actually realise that only one Golden Dawn member even attended the match? Therefore how can Golden Dawn members be responsible for lighting the flares, when they are not even there, except for one member??
      And from that individual's report, it was simply a bunch of teenagers that were lighting them. You weren't even there, so how can you even pretend to know who was lighting them?
      So please actually have some proof next time you make a claim against us.
      Thank you and nice try.