Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fake Asylum Seekers to remain in Greece under new legislative amendments

This week, the anti-Hellenic Syriza – ANEL alliance pummelled the Greek people further into the pits, making amendments to our current legislation in favour of keep the 3rd world invaders in Greece.
Ioannis Mouzalas, Greece’s current Immigration Minister who is a certified cuck, and has in the past referred to Skopje as ‘Macedonia’, has set forth an amendment to Greece’s handling of ‘refugees’. The amendment essentially offers Syrians who have been deemed illegitimate and fit for deportation back to Turkey, a chance to remain in the country while going through an ‘Independent Appeals Committee’. This added layer of bureaucracy provides the 3rd world invaders the chance to remain in Greece, extending their time indefinitely as the far left in Greece has deemed Turkey ‘unfit’ for taking back refugees, even those who are already declared illegitimate asylum seekers & simply economic or welfare opportunists.
For anyone who has been to Greece and seen the thousands upon thousands of wild gypsies, Moslems and other 3rd world mystery meat running around our nation like it is some kind of amusement park, you come to the obvious conclusion that the Immigration Minister is either incompetent or has a fetish for 3rd world invaders.  
We would suggest the latter, as Mouzala’s fellow Marxist plutocrats in Brussels, who share his ideology for unlimited refugees in Europe, are no longer secret about their perverted desires. We refer to a statement made earlier this month by German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, who claimed that without the influx of Middle Eastern and African migrants, Germans risked becoming ‘inbred’ and needed to intermix with these people to stop Germans from ‘degeneration’. We’re sure mixing with 81 IQ Syrians is a great way to boost the German gene pool, let alone introducing the sectarian violence and mayhem that comes with it.
Even more shocking was the example Schäuble used, sighting ‘3rd generation Turks’, as having ‘enormous innovation potential’. We have no idea what ‘enormous innovation potential’ actually means, but it may be a reference to the disproportionate amount of crime, anti-social behaviour, unemployment and general backwardness that is hostile to their host country, which correctly describes the true state of the Turkish diaspora in modern Germany.

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  1. That crypto communist turd Mouzalas and his Syriza bum chums can stick those illegal invading rag heads up their arse.Most Greeks don't want these sub humans in their country.Greeks don't want Greece turned into a giant Gaza strip.Greeks don't want Greece turned into a giant Soweto slum like in South Africa.What Greeks want is their country back.Corrupt politicians who don't listen and sell out their countries usually come off second best.Remember what happened to the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife?