Monday, 6 June 2016

Erdogan defiles our Holy Cathedral - Muslims to celebrate Ramadan feasts in Hagia Sophia

The ‘Grand Sultan’ of the Neo-Ottoman Empire has once again lashed out in anger, but rather than chasing down a German satire journalist, Erdogan has now decided to attack the entire Orthodox world by the slow beginnings of Hagia Sophia’s eventual conversion into a mosque.

While millions of Turks occupy modern Germany, their lack of agency, and general anti-social behaviour hasn’t quite had the same political impact as other more advanced ethnic groups. Armenians have successfully achieved a great victory, as the German parliament recently recognised the Armenian Genocide, at the hands of murderous Turkish Barbarians nearly a century ago.

Erdogan, fearing he may be losing power with Europe as he continues to black mail the entire continent with threats of uncontrolled refugee invasions, has decided to up the pressure by turning world attention to Hagia Sophia. In an unprecedented move, Erdogan’s government is allowing for Hagia Sophia to host a series of religious feats over Ramadan this year, an act which strikes at the heart of an historic agreement where Hagia Sophia was to remain a secular museum.

Erdogan is indeed playing a dangerous game, as he continues to over step his boundaries while provoking his historical enemy states, who may one day wake up in the very near future from the liberal nightmare that plagues modern Western Europe. Coupled with the brazen attack on Orthodox Russia last year, we can be certain this has not been forgotten by Putin, as he continues to prepare the Russian economy, military and resources for a potential conflict with NATO & Turkey.

Turkey is now one foot deeper in its grave, as they try to balance a nationalistic regime with the cancerous alliance of Washington and Tel Aviv. Liberal democracy is knocking on Ankara’s door step, while they try to shake hands with Zionists with one hand and Islamic militants with the other. Future compromises will continue to be catastrophic for Turkey, as their current balancing act becomes an unfeasible policy.

The ethnic Turkish birth rate is in a similar self-destructive spiral to Western Europe, however, their Kurdish population is rising rapidly, and may soon be the majority in a generation or two. While Turkey may be powerful today, their list of enemies grows, and the ticking demographic time bomb may cause the self-destruction of an unnatural State that was built on a foundation of imperialism and genocide.


  1. Soon Erdogan will be asking his non existant God where it all went wrong for the Turks,when he prays to him in a small tent in Central Asia.Because that is where all the Turks are destined to go after all the local oppressed peoples of what they now call Turkey reclaim their rightful ancient lands.And powerful countries like Russia will give them a one way ticket to Armaggedon.

  2. I have made a prediction which will see that 2016 will be the last ANZAC day celebrations to be held in the Hellenic (once upon a time) town of Kallipolis - now Turkish occupied Galipolli.
    It is a very probability that the Australian and New Zealand governments will have to be consulting with the Russians and/or Hellenes for future celebratory events regarding ANZAC day Kallipoli. In summary: LOOK OUT the RUSSIAN are going to floor and break up of what we today know as Turkey and this cant be bad news!

    Constantinos Kyriakopoulos