Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Carnage in the US by fanatical Islamist: 50 dead in gay nightclub!

Looks like Moslems are starting to turn on their ‘’progressive’’ leftist supporters, just like we always said they would.

From early in the morning came the news that there was an armed intrusion incident, in a homosexual nightclub in the US, which had turned into a case of mass hostages. Finally, the incident ended in an inglorious way: ie. in a bloodbath with 50 dead, 53 injured and the offender also dead from police bullets.

It was an Afghan man, naturalized in the US, who seems to have had contacts with extreme Islamist organizations, and pledged allegiance to ISIS.
The fact that the incident involved one of the groups of so-called "progress", which strongly support the Moslem immigrants, and an Afghan, indicates the size of delusion suffered by the "progressive" throughout the world.

They oppose the rise of the "extreme right", they join groups of "anti-fascists", and vote and fanatically support the "progressive left", opening the door for the bane extreme Islamist who will throw them from the 5th floor of an apartment building, before a crowd of Islamists who will be more "moderate", as they'll just be doing the cheering.

Of course, the Western Jew run media, Barack Obama and gay groups, are now desperately trying to frame this, as a debate about banning guns in America, rather than Extremist Islam and Moslems entering the West. Of course, they don’t mention the fact that France has strict gun laws, yet Moslems in the November terrorist attacks in Paris, still managed to kill 130 people, and in the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France where Moslems killed 12 people, despite France's strict gun laws. 

Do you think this man, is now starting to regret white knighting for a religious group that actually hates him?

Article by XA Hellas
Translated and contributed to by XA Melbourne

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