Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Upcoming Elections in Cyprus: May 2016

Greek patriots concentrated in the Cypriot city of Limassol, in what is the lead up to upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections on May 22nd. The event was organised by ELAM (Golden Dawn’s brother party in Cyprus), who presented the nationalist position for Cyprus’s political future.
Stelios Nearchou, who is running as an MP for ELAM in Limassol, began the event with a speech in which he presented ELAM’s positions and political platform. Nearchou also blasted the government’s economic policy which has been a burden on the people, and offered constructive & practical policies to help combat unemployment and laying the foundation for a strong national economy.
More candidates took to the stage, inviting all Greek patriots to stand with ELAM, the only party entering the parliament which will clean the corrupt political establishment. The last speaker, Christos Chrisou, explained why ELAM will fight corruption, as no other party can. This is because supporters of ELAM put Hellenism and their fatherland first, before monetary, personal and party interests.
The event ended with the National anthem, and a pledge to for ELAM to fight for our Greek ancestors, as no other party will. We wish our comrades at ELAM the best of luck in the upcoming elections and will provide updates later in the month.


  1. Good luck to ELAM. Another brother party coming to power in Europe.

  2. Godspeed to ELAM and Golden Dawn. May the Kingdom of Hellas take back Greece and Cyprus.