Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Self-confessed Feminist and Jew lover plans to release film on Golden Dawn

‘Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair’ is another hit piece by the far-left on Greece’s largest Nationalist movement, which is ironically the only genuine anti-establishment, anti-globalist, and anti-capitalist force in Greece. The so called socialists (read: state approved ‘rebels’) have for a long time enjoyed their bourgeois lifestyles under liberal-democracy, and are happy to unite with the establishment to protect their sheltered, sterile and hedonist lives in the deep decadence of modernity, without providing any genuine resistance to the globalist take over.

The film’s head honcho is Angelique Kourounis, a self-hating Greek ethno-masochist who likes to share with the media glimpses of her low self-esteem. Normally we spend a bit of time researching into those who conspire us against, only to find the usual Jewish connections and other corrupt establishment ties, however, in this case, Kourounis has done us the favour by spilling the beans on her obvious character shortfalls. Kourounis states openly on Vice:

“My partner in life is a Jew, one of my sons is gay, another is an anarchist, and I am a left-wing feminist as well as a daughter of immigrants. If Golden Dawn comes to power our only problem will be which wagon they will put us on.”

We’d like to thank Kournounis for saving our valuable research time and really giving us the 411 on her life story in just 1 sentence. This insight provides valuable context into Kournouni’s motivation, and explains perfectly why someone is committed to the destruction of the Greek ethno-state.

Quite simply, there is nothing remotely healthy or beautiful about Kournounis and her family. This is why they hate Greece, because they are lacking something we either have, or aspire to have. Below is a snap shot of something very similar to what our grandparents generation would of looked like once upon a time, something very pure and natural in its own right. You’ll notice there are no Yamakas in the photo, no flamboyant homosexual boys, and no drug using anarchist low life with dreadlocks & ripped clothing. There is no morbid obesity, or talk at the table on how much better Greece is now that it is filled with thousands of Pakistanis. Kournoni’s family is the antithesis of Hellenism, they are the complete opposite of all that is healthy and Greek
This is the oppressive Greek patriarchy, can you feel the hatred, Goyim?

Now if that wasn’t generous enough, Kourounis also lends us a hand with a range of insults she used to describe herself, which we’ll be happy to quote here on in:

Most of the time we were OK: Thomas, who is German, blond, and good looking, was the good guy, the one Golden Dawn members [were] told they had something in common with. I was the stupid, silly, small, fat girl who they didn't pay much attention to. At one of their rallies Thomas and the cameraman were sent far away from the action, and I was allowed to be at the front with my small camera phone, a silly girl who was still discovering the world

Well, there we have it. Stupid. Silly. Small. Fat. Girl. Absolutely brilliant, we most certainly couldn’t of come up with that all on our own.

You may have noticed Kournounis also mentioned that Golden Dawn didn’t pay much attention to her, and at this point of the article, I think we’ve covered enough of the stupid, silly, small, fat girl. Thank you for your time.


  1. If the left wing/communism existed in Greece 2,500 years ago, there would be no Greece today.

  2. There were traitors, just as there is now in Greece. We always win the end