Monday, 16 May 2016

Second gathering of European Nationalists in Paris

Following from the last gathering that took place in May 2015, Nationalists concentrated in the city of Paris this week in a show of solidarity for our European heritage & ongoing political struggle.

Last year, the forum took place with a theme that dealt with the political persecution that Nationalists face in an increasing totalitarian-liberal regime, where social-democrats who preach freedom of speech are the first to try and ban entire political parties simply because they disapprove of their ideas. This is no better example than that of Golden Dawn, when the Samaras regime tried to imprison the entire party leadership on false charges that have so far proven to be nothing more than a politically motivated crackdown on genuine anti-establishment opposition. The same is proving true for other Nationalist parties, as Forza Nuova in Italy has been blocked in elections, and Germany is once again talking of banning the NPD.

This year, the theme of the event was 'Nationalists united against the immigration invasion', following the unprecedented & planned invasion of Europe by own very own political elites. Attendees this year included delegates from Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Russia, and of course the ELAM and Golden Dawn.

Speakers addressed the ongoing genocide we are witnessing in our homelands, as we are being literally replaced by third world invaders at a time of major social decline. Dimopoulou, director of the Greek Nationalist paper ‘Empros’, stated in their speech that ‘Europeans got into this hell together, and together we will get out’. The focus was on producing practical and viable solutions, cooperation between nationalists across Europe, and to never forget the ongoing violence against Europeans patriots, such as Luigi Guardiera, and our comrades Manolis Kapelonis & Giogos Fountoulis.

Other notable statements by Dimopoulou compared the ongoing struggles of the Greek nation to that of Europe’s watchdog. Dimopoulo stressed that "for thousands of years we led the creation of Light, to fight against obscurantism and to tyranny." Referring to the goddess Athena who led the army of Achilles to Troy, and the Virgin Mary as Championing General to the Byzantines, who was also the “champion of the Nation”, as we see in the French Joan of Arc. “Lean your knee forward to Joan of Arc and our saints, but let us stand up against the enemies of our Nations, as we stand behind our heroes. If God is with us, then no one can come against us! For Fatherland, Faith & Family! Long live the Europe of Nations!”

Dimopoulou ended with "The system wants us to become victims. Instead, we must adopt strategies for the survival of our people. With the help of Go, we will lead our peoples to Dawn. The Golden Dawn will come, and we will be ready."

As in the previous year, the 2 day event also included a tribute to Joan of Arc, her statue surrounded by patriotic banners, such as ‘neither left nor right, NATIONALISM’ and ‘today Anarchy, tomorrow NEW ORDER’, ‘Blue, White, Red, French to the French’.

On the second day, other speakers included Nick Griffin, former British MEP & leader of the BNP, and Secretary General of the PNF, Andre’ Gandillon. Gandillon closed the event by denouncing the invasion of Europe by the globalists, and refered back to the example of the Golden Dawn – “Due to the situation in which we find ourselves, many despair. Maurice O’Bar called despair in politics, nothing but pure nonsense. Look around you. Why do they fight so much? Because our fellow Golden Dawn were faced with killings and illegal detentions? Because the system knows that it is much weaker than it wants to admit. The system knows that their days are numbered."

With our involvement, we expressed our solidarity with the French and other European nationalists who stood and remain in solidarity with the persecution of Golden Dawn, and the idea of ​​the great Europe of the Nations, for which we strive. A Europe of the Nations is the only hope for Europeans to withstand the immigration invasion, as well as any chance to combat internationalism, Marxism and Liberalism.

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