Monday, 16 May 2016

Nationlist Youth Festival in the current year

Young Nationalists in Greece gathered for the Annual Youth Festival, an initiative championed by Golden Dawn leadership to help ensure the future of our people.  This is the 13th year the event has run, and the turnout continues to grow larger.  While more PASOK & KKE continue to pass every year into the dust bins of history, the youth movement in the establishment parties continues to be pitifully dull and suffering from increasingly low energy, as you can see in the image below.

The reason for this is because other parties scramble to appease the largest political voting demographic (the elderly), while Golden Dawn invests its energies into Greek society as a whole, not simply concentrating on those who prove to be valuable on election day. For this reason, the youth, while not a large voting bloc, are the core of our front line movement, and present as a tenacious force that will herald our message into the future.

More images from the event can be found here

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  1. God bless the young Nationlist Youth of Greece.You are the inspiration for what Greece can be in the near future.Your ancestors from above will look down on you with pride and hope.May your numbers grow.