Thursday, 19 May 2016

Hypocrisy: No ''Hate Crime'' Charges for Moslem Grave-Smasher in Sydney

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ibrahim’s hearing this week was adjourned because of a delay in locating his co-accused, another Moslem named Nassem Raad.
Both Muhammad and Nassem, are accused of destroying 70 graves around a Greek Orthodox church in Rookwood, knocking over crosses and headstones, including at least four baby graves.
Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, graves were targeted. The repair bill is expected to be in excess of $500,000.
What's important to note here, are two important things.  
a. The little media coverage this has gotten.
b. Muhammad not being charged with ''hate crime'', even though they specifically targeted Christian Orthodox graves.
Can we imagine if it was White Christians that smashed up tens of Moslem or Jewish graves?  It would be the main news story for several days, the Antifa faggots would be organizing ''tolerance'' rallies, in support of Moslems, and White liberals faggots on twitter would start hash tags like ''#WeStandWithMoslems'', and the White that vandalized the Moslem and Jewish graves, would be charged with hate crime.
But no, these White hating media outlets hardly gave it much coverage, Antifa leftists couldn't care less, because they hate White Christians, even though Antifa pretend they are ''anti-racist'', but are simply anti-White Christian, and the liberal faggots on twitter, won't be tweeting anything in support of Christian Orthodox people, any time soon.
What's funny is that this slimy Kebab, was confronted by Russian Cossacks outside the court room, and than was chased down the street by them.  When they told him to fight them, instead of fighting dead people, he ran, like a typical cowardly kebab. 
Kebab bolts it, when challenged by Russian Cossacks.

PS. Authors note:  Didn't know Cossacks existed here is Oz. 

Article by XA Melbourne


  1. Do you think Mr Kebab would get upset if someone shat on the koran and rubbed it in his slimy face?

  2. Dirty ugly Moslem shit. If they would have done this in Russia, the strong Russians would have wiped his kebab face all over the pavement and then dumped pig blood on him.