Thursday, 21 April 2016

Syrian Elections: Another great win for Assad & his allies

The Western Media has purposely downplayed and in some cases, flat out ignored the latest elections in Syria, as Bashir Al-Assad claims another great win.
Tuesday’s elections saw just over 5 million voters cast their ballots, including 140,000 real refugees who crossed over from Lebanon in order to vote. This amounted to roughly 58% of the electorate, figures common throughout the Western world in various elections, including Greece’s latest EU Parliamentary elections in 2014.
President Assad’s Ba’athist party and its allies secured 200 of the 250 seats at the People’s Assembly, culminating a strong political bloc that will continue to push for Syria’s national interests during difficult times as continue into this 5-year war.
We are told constantly that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, yet even the supposed ruthless dictator Assad holds credible elections, crushing the Zionist lies regarding their monopoly on elections in the Middle East. As the war continues to tip towards the Syrian Nationalists favour, the Islamic jihadists goons of the Sunni kingdoms proceed further with their down floor, crushing the hopes and dream of Israel and Washington’s aspirations for the region which includes a destabilised Syria.
The latest elections show that Syria is from unstable, and is driving important political, military and geopolitical wins to secure Syria from the clutches of the globalist powers.

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