Friday, 8 April 2016

Sickbastard: Greece is a ‘champion of colonisation’

Recently, one of our writers in Melbourne published an article about White Guilt & colonialism, which caught the attention of one of our readers, who directed us to a rather deceiving info-map which is making its rounds on the internets. While the communists have tried for the last 100+ years to demonise the small country of modern Greece as some sort of ‘evil colonial empire’ (despite being about the size of Louisiana), their claims have been successfully challenged and debunked from day 1, leaving little room for their anti-Hellenic agenda to make inroads into the hearts of the Greek people.

Leftists from the KKE, Syriza and beyond have made statements suggesting modern Greece’s borders are ‘too big’, and we should give much of the North ‘back’ to our ‘neighbours’, while also claiming the ‘Aegean belongs to the fish’. While we won’t entertain these insane ideas by pointing out the obvious floors in their treacherous suggestions, it is important to continue to debunk others out there who continue with the same argument that we are some sort of colonial empire, despite the fact we have occupied modern Greece (and beyond) for thousands of years within our natural ethnic borders. We are the indigenous people of our land, but don’t expect leftist to shed you the same tears they do for Tibet, as they are self-hating ethno-masochists.

The latest stab at our history was posted by infamous Melbourne Cuckold, Sickbastard. For those who don’t know, Sickbastard gets aroused when watching Melbourne overrun by roaming gangs of Sudanese & Somali teenange boys, while stalking patriotic working class Australians under the role of been a big bad ‘anarchists’. We thought only sterile ageing feminists could become cat ladies in their senior years, but it appears the lonely cuck Sickbastard has evolved into much the same, and spends his twilight years posting articles about capitalism & teh evil Nazis when not sharing cat pictures online. Seriously, what a sick bastard.

One of the more recent info-graphs on Sickbastard’s Facebook is the ‘Europe’s Champions of Colonisation’, which supposedly puts a quantitative number on the amount of colonial possessions each evil nazi European nation once had. While the usual countries are highlighted, we can’t help but notice that the little Balkan Ethno-State of Greece was apparently a colonial oppressor… despite the fact we were occupied for 500 years by the Ottomans, and spent much of our modern history fighting for our independence and historically Greek populated lands.

We decided to dig a little further, and enquire as to where this Sickbastard and his leftist comrades could justify such an outrageous claim, which obviously has the purpose of smearing the Greeks as ‘colonial oppressors’, to further pummel them with the same leftist self-hatred that has inflicted so many Western Europeans.

The map oddly enough had a source, listed as ‘Jakub Marian’, who provides some insight into where he got his stats from. While I could potentially use my valuable time googling ‘Is Jakub Marian Jewish’, I may just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he is a Goy who didn’t really spend any time properly analysing the Wikipedia article which sourced this particular chart. The Wikipedia article that lists European colonial possessions states that Greece is guilty of the colonial possession of (get this)…. ‘Magna Graecia’.

What is Magna Graecia? This is the name for the ancient (emphasise the word ANCIENT) colonies of the Greeks on the Southern Coast of Italy. We are talking hundreds of years before Christ, and this is the supposed evil colonial acquisitions that will be used to shame the modern Greeks.

I’m going to take a wild guess here, but I’m sure after nearly 2,500 years, the Italians are now sort of OK with our imperial acquisitions in Italy. Or maybe I’m wrong, and the Italians are still running around Calabria, sniffing petrol while yelling ‘get off my land’ to all the remaining 80,000 Greeks or so who still peacefully remain in Southern Italy. Whatever the case may be, this is still a poor attempt to smear the modern nation of Greece as a colonial oppressor, without providing any reasonable examples as to why we are so.

The map itself is clearly not only anti-Hellenic, but entirely anti-European, being extremely hypocritical without any objective relevance to its viewers. The criminal state of Turkey clearly fits well into the map, so why is that also not highlighted as a colonial power? Armenia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt are just to name a few, and the very important European territories include Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia… the list goes on, why are these not considered colonial possessions, despite being run by the ruthless Turks for hundreds of years?

Also, the hypocrisy of Sickbastard goes even further, as he is happy to entertain anti-white comments on his FB, but ignores one of his followers who asks the simple question – ‘What? Greece?’.

Turkey is happy to be included in anything remotely positive for Europe, weather it’s the Eurovision or UEFA cup, but is clearly exempt by the left when identifying colonial powers in the region. This is just another example of the left’s anti-white agenda, facts and logic need not apply.


  1. Sickbastard should call it self Sickcunt!

  2. Slackbastard is Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University

    1. Well picked up.

  3. Sickbastard is such a pathetic cuck. He'll sell out his entire race so that he can jerk off to cat pictures in his imaginary law less anarchist utopia. What a sick loser.