Monday, 4 April 2016

Should Greeks or other Whites feel guilty about the colonial past? Part 1

Often White liberals and racial minorities say something along of the lines of, ''Whites should be ashamed of themselves because of their colonial past in occupying countries in Africa, Middle East and elsewhere.''

Whites are constantly being told they should be ashamed of themselves and are given the guilt trip, either by the media, by White liberals, or in history class in high school.  

We are even sometimes told, that we must allow Arab, African and other 3rd world immigrants to flood into our countries (which means demographically replacing us Whites in our own countries), to make up for our colonial past. It's 'stolen land' they say, so we need to give it back. How about a little bit of moral consistency, and we agree to get the Turks to move back to Central Asia so that Greeks can reclaim their natural indigenous territories in Asia Minor which we have occupied for thousands of years. 

Obviously the liberal argument is childish and incorrect for the following reasons.

1.  Greeks themselves were not involved in colonialism during the colonial era, as we were occupied ourselves, by NON-EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS, during the 500 years of the Ottoman empire.

2.  Before the colonial era, people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East themselves occupied and invaded Europe repeatedly, often raping, pillaging and destroying entire civilizations in their way. 
Just to expand on this point a bit: 
  • Persia from Asia, invaded Greece burning Athens, and occupying part of Northern Greece. 
  • The Carthaginian Empire from Africa, occupied Spain, and burned and destroyed many villages in the Roman Republic,  
  • The Roman 'Byzantine' Empire, was under repeated constant attack for centuries, by Moslem civilizations from Asia.
  • The Moors from Africa occupied Spain during Medieval times for several centuries.
  • The Ottoman Turks from Asia, occupied Greece and the rest of the Balkans for several centuries. Turkey still occupies East Thrace and North Cyprus in Europe, as well as our ancestral lands in Asia Minor and the Pontus. 
  • Egypt from Africa, attacked and occupied Crete during the Greek war of independence.
  • Australia, is attacked by Japan, who attempts (but fails) to occupy Australia.
Just to name a few... in case a liberal tries to shame you with White guilt, while completely ignoring the fact that Africans, Asians and Middle Eastern had done their fair share of occupying, empire building and destruction of entire unique people and civilizations. 

I bet they didn't teach you about these in high school history class?  Am I right? 
So if Whites should be forever ashamed of their past, does that mean Middle Easterners and Africans should feel forever ashamed of their past as well, going by Leftist logic? Just a question for the lefties and the crybaby non-whites, that's all...

Written by XA Melbourne 


  1. Did you guys catch what slackbastard posted the other day? He posted a map that showed Greece to be a colonial power, & refused to clarify when questioned by one of his followers

    Needs some serious deconstructing

    1. Please correct me if I am wrong, because I want to be RIGHT.
      Wasn't Alexander the Great Greek? or are Macedonians not Greek?
      We should feel guilty and ashamed to have allowed our once great nations and cultures to have been infiltrated by eternal parasites and their willing collaborators.

      "Australia, is attacked by Japan, who attempts (but fails) to occupy Australia."
      Also, please provide evidence that Japan attempted to but failed to occupy Australia and again correct me, as my limited knowledge to true history is that Japan attacked Darwin by air and a ferry in Sydney harbour by submarine, neither of which constitutes invasion let alone occupy.

  2. They also neglect to tell you that before the Aborigines, a people called the Denisovans populated Australia. They where literally killed & raped, & now officially genocided, existing in less than 4% of the Aborinal gene pool.

    Bet your history teacher never told you that either!