Monday, 4 April 2016

Muslim prisoners in Greece: Celebrations and cheers for the Brussels attack

In 2012, at least 50% of  criminals in prison within Greece are foreigners, a hugely disproportionate amount which has resulted in large numbers of Muslims currently held in Greek gaols. Since the most recent invasion, the figures now suggest that up to 60% of prisons in Greece are filled with Muslims, mostly from Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and Somalia.

The criminals are more than just petty thieves and crooks, with many subscribing to radical Islam, like many of the Muslims fleeing Syria, who are washing up on Greek shores and committing terrorist attacks elsewhere in Europe. As the Assad government is reclaiming their land, the Islamists (who joined the insurgents from all parts of the Islamic world) are now fleeing to Europe, in search of a more ‘tolerant’ environment that will open its arms to their sadistic behaviour.

More evidence of this radical element is best captured by the Greek News Broadcaster STAR, which documents the celebrations and cheers in at least 3 prisons across Greece of Muslims hearing about the Brussels terrorist attack on March 22.

More of the footage shows a Kurd from Britain who was caught smuggling arms through Greece and Turkey in a caravan, and was confronted by Islamic State supporters in goal who attacked him for supporting the Kurdish resistance movement. As you can see, Greece is becoming a battle ground for Middle Eastern tribal rivalries, which extends far beyond our prisons. Just recently, we had Syrians and Afghans brawling in Piraeus, as well as inter-ethnic conflict between different nationalities at the Idomeni border, and the island of Chios. Some of the conflicts we are seeing are also part of a broader problem outside of Greece, thanks to the deceptive foreign policy of the US and Britain who are orchestrating these conflicts in the Middle East on behalf of their Zionist sponsors.

While seemingly positive headlines cross the globe, such as ‘Deportation of refugees from Greece to Turkey begins’, remember to always read the fine print. For every ‘refugee’ deported by Greece, Turkey replaces it with another ‘refugee’ who is ready to take their place. The end result keeps Greece and Europe flooded with Islamic migrants, who will ultimately replace the shrinking indigenous European population if current demographic trends continue. Meanwhile, Turkey is in prime position to extend their natural borders, as they consider themselves defenders of all Muslims in Europe, as we are seeing in their plan to take over our Thrace.

The purpose of the deal is to calm the fears of Greeks who are no longer shielded to the deterioration of their nation at the hands of the Muslim invaders, as even MSM broadcasters like STAR are forced to report on the full extent of Islamic extremism in our nation. Greeks who are worried about the Muslim invasion now think their country is finally making the right moves by deporting these Muslims, but few realise that for everyone that is deported, another Muslim vibrant is imported.

Eventually, the violence & ethnic replacement will become impossible to contain, and as the living standards of Greeks continues to plummet, so too will their faith in the social-democracies which rotted their country since 1974.


  1. Great post! However the percentage of foreign inmates in Greece jails is even higher 63% back in 2013, not 50%. (on page 14)
    According to the stats, Greece has by far the highest foreign prison percentage at 63%, followed by Italy at 35%.

  2. We'll be sure to add this to our list of Hate Facts