Sunday, 10 April 2016

Moslems construct shanty Mosques in Idomeni

As the mass invasion continues, we find more examples of the intense Islamification that is being orchestrated by treacherous government.

It is clear that the Moslem invaders in Idomeni have accepted they are here to stay, and have attempted to turn the land they now occupy from Greeks into Moslem territory. The same occupation continues in the city of Athens, where Syriza is continuing New Democracies move to build a mosque in the heart of nation. Did the heroes of our national independence spill their blood for nothing?

Golden Dawn opposes the Islamifaction of Greece, and held a rally against the invasion, and for a free and independent Greece!


  1. "I JUST LOVE A HAPPY ENDING" FINALLY these invaders got there recruitment center. HELLAS needs to suffer every day every week until they go for elections and the SHEEPLE wake up and vote for H.A.

  2. As Orthodox Christians of Byzantium it is our duty to repulse and expel these parasitic sub humans from Greece.Greece belongs to Greeks and Greeks only for ever.And that goes for it's history and traditions.As for these invading rag heads,if you want to worship your god,then worship him in your own country.Not in someone else's.

  3. I dont understand what is so difficult here. Islam and Sharia law is an apartheid ideology where "non believers" are second class citizens. Yet they get support from the bleeding heart left. If Sharia law was for example the ideology of the majority white population in western countries, Lefties would be screaming racism and discrimination.

    Yet as it is the minority religion, they will defend it. That is not only hypocrisy, but racist/discriminatory as well.