Friday, 22 April 2016

Leftist solidarity with illegals ends with drug charges

While Golden Dawn looks out exclusively for the interests of Greeks, the left of this country ignores the growing poverty amongst their own kind and prefer to feed and clothe illegal squatters instead. While this is standard practice for our Marxist occupational government, a more sinister trend is emerging among the far leftist para-state network of anarchists and assorted useful idiots.
Members of the Urban Services and Division of Health followed up on a complaint they received from a ‘labour centre’ (read: illegal immigrant squatter) and found that a Greek, along with a German and Dutchman where ‘standing’ in solidarity with 3.5 grams of marijuana and a 2 Syrian ’refugees’. The money flowing from NGOs is providing incentives for the criminal state and its network of thugs to cater towards the illegal invasion, which now extends to the drug trade.
It has been known for years that anarchists, communists and other political undesirables have made use of Albanian criminals to peddle their drugs, a rather lucrative, underground capitalist black market they have exploited since the 90s. Now the leftists are exploiting the illegal immigrants (rather than just cheap labour), in order to introduce them to new markets which again feed the pockets of the corrupt and criminals, at the expense of Greek society.
We can expect to see more of this trend in the near future, as the increasingly desperate invaders begin to look for distractions from their failure in life, notably the desertion of their fatherland in Syria, and the fact they will never amount to anything more than petty criminals and welfare leaches.

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