Monday, 4 April 2016

Lack of mosque in Athens stokes fears of radicalism

Quoted from Ekathimerini

"Government officials fear that the delays in constructing a mosque in Athens, a process that has been beset by legal complications, could allow radical Islam to flourish in the capital.

'Every day that we do not have an official mosque and imam in Athens, we pay for in the increased risk of the radicalization of Muslims in the dark and unofficial places of worship,' an official at the Education and Religious Affairs Ministry who wished to remain anonymous told Kathimerini, referring to dozens of basements that have been converted into makeshift mosques.

Greece passed a law in 2006 to build a mosque in Athens with public money. The legislation also granted the government the right to appoint the imam. Although a plot in Votanikos, near the city center, has been set aside, the construction of the building is being held back by numerous appeals against the project, which the Council of State has to hear.

'It is exactly because of the recent terrorist attacks that we have to move quickly to construct the mosque in Athens,” said the official. “The state has to have an official interlocutor who represents the various branches of Islam. When you do not have official places of worship, who can you speak with?'"

So we are now being told being by the treasonous officials in the government, that we must build a mosque, so that Muslims don’t commit terrorism against us. 

Funny that, because if these people are potentially so hostile to us, why are they allowed in our countries in the first place?  Why are they allowed to stay?   So now the Greek people have to put up with these hostile people in their own land, even though Greeks never voted for these people to come into Greece in the first place, and the evidence shows that Greeks clearly do not want them?

It really says a lot about Moslems though, when it is thought that they may start killing people if they don’t get their way.

  • Do you see Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains or Hindus in Athens committing terrorist attacks because there’s no Buddhist temple in Athens?
  • Do you see Christians in Saudi Arabia committing terrorist attacks because churches aren’t allowed to be built, even though there are estimated 1.5 million Christians in Saudi Arabia?

It’s obvious that Moslems generally as a whole are naturally hostile towards Europeans and Christians, and there’s no place for them in Greece. Obviously these governmental politicians and officials are sell outs, or in other cases, simply low testosterone effeminate male politicians with no heart or guts. 

Only Golden Dawn will stop any construction of mosques, but also not allow Moslem immigrants into Greece, as well as remove all illegal Moslems from our fatherland.
Article by XA Melbourne

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  1. Who do these raghead goat herders think they are?Who are they to demand what they want in someone else's country especially when they invaded that country illegally.What are those corrupt politicians in Greece doing giving these sub humans permits to build mosques in the country.Most if not all of these dirty,slimy pieces of shit are not even citizens of Greece.Why does the Greek government want to construct buildings dedicated to a god that doesn't exist?Have these traitors governing Greece forgotten that the ancestors of these garbage tried to wipe out Greek civilization in the past.The only things that the government should construct are more airports and harbours so that they can remove all these undesirables as quickly as possible.