Friday, 8 April 2016

Hellene woman who originally opened home to Rapefugees

She supported them - Until they turned on her and her village.

This woman in the village of Idomeni, let the emotions get the better of her, and was naively opening her home to illegal rapefugees only a few days ago - Until she got a good dose of diversity herself.
Now she wants them out of her village of Idomeni, and out of Hellas. 

She says that these spoiled, unappreciative little brats have not only wrecked everything in her village - but even gone around smashing everyone's tombs in the cemetery!

This is just the usual scenario guys - A person from an emotional perspective, naively supports non-white foreigners coming into their country - Until those savages then turn on them. It seems some people only learn the hard way.  To this lady's credit, at least she's now realized the dangers of multiculturalism, and why our ancestors fought for our free & independant Greek ethno-State.

Unfortunately, The Undertaker wasn't there to guard the Idomeni cemetery 
from the illegal brats, who were destroying dead people's tombs.

However, there is a much better solution than The Undertaker - Xrysh Aygh.  If Golden Dawn get's into power, we assure our readers, that these Illegal snakes, won't be allowed into Greece in the first place, let alone destroying things in villages, and smashing up cemetery's. 


Video by XA New York
Article by XA Melbourne

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  1. Stupid leftist, that's what you get for supporting them. No sympathy from me or to the residents of KOS, XIOS, wherever it might be who were calling H.A. racist just a few weeks ago. I want to see things get more violent, allover that's what these people need. Thats how they are contributing to Greece economy thru crime and poverty. In Idomeni you have invaders demanding papers ,and asking what type of cargo trucks are caring blocking the streets. This is ridicoulos by the way I hope the invaders KILL yes you herd correct KILL, the GREEK ZOG RIOT POLICE. I wont shed a tear, when H.A. was giving food to starving GREEKS the ZOG police was attacking and beating GREEK CITIZENS.