Thursday, 28 April 2016

Erdogan and Germany

Germany and Europe - Meet your new pimp

After Turkish President, Erdogan demanded that Germany arrest a German for 'insulting'' him, Germany sprung into action, and have done just what their Pimp Erdogan ordered them to do.


During a rally supporting comedian Jan Boehmermann, Bruno Kramm, the head of the Berlin branch of Germany’s Pirate Party, was arrested for “insulting a representative of a foreign state” by quoting a line from the comic’s satirical poem slamming Erdogan.

German police arrested Kramm while he was conducting a “literary analysis” of the German comedian’s satirical poem in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin during a protest held under the slogan “No Power for Erdowahn, Freedom Instead of Erdogan.”

Kramm was approached by several police officers as he was reciting the lines and taken into custody. The police dispersed the gathering shortly thereafter.According to the newspaper, police have accused Kramm of violating a rarely used section of the German criminal code, namely section 103, that prohibits insulting “organs and representatives of foreign states.”

“When people slightly criticize the government in Turkey, they are persecuted, beaten or disappear. In contrast to this, the dictator Erdogan is allowed to significantly restrict the right of assembly and the freedom of expression in Germany merely for a statement, that he beats Kurds and Christians,” Kramm had written in a statement published on the German Pirate Party’s official website.

The police had reportedly sanctioned the rally on condition that the activists would not quote any lines from Boehmermann’s poem, because “it may constitute a criminal offense of defamation,” said police spokesman Stefan Redlich, as cited by Morgenpost.Ahead of the rally, Schmitt wrote that “police have explicitly banned us from performing critical dialectical analysis of the Boehmermann’s poem…otherwise they will bring criminal charges and remove a microphone.” 

The party says it has been staging weekly demonstrations in front of the Turkish embassy on Fridays to protest the “systemic terror of censorship, oppression, despotism and killings of the dictator Erdogan.”

Earlier on Friday, Merkel admitted that it had been a mistake to express her personal opinion of the German comedian’s poem, which she condemned for being “deliberately insulting.”

“In hindsight, that was an error,” Merkel said in Berlin on Friday, adding that she feared that her comments might be taken to mean that “freedom of opinion is not important, that freedom of the press is not important.”

However, she didn’t backtrack on authorizing the prosecution of the disrespectful comedian under section 103, despite the public outcry. 

“I believe [allowing the investigation] to be correct, same as before,” she stressed, as cited by DW.

Boehmermann suspended his show last week after Merkel heeded Turkish President Erdogan’s calls to begin the proceedings.

So Germany, pretends it allows democratic speech, but than persecutes people who speak out against a foreign leader, in Tayyip Erdogan, after it's Pimp Erdogan demanded that Germany charge the German man for doing so.  Not to mention, Merkel said she agrees with the arrest of the German man.

So do you like your new Europe Goyim? Where our leaders are being Pimped by 3rd World leaders and take orders from Jewish Lobby Overlords?   That's what happens when Europe's leaders and politicians consist of Traitors (ie. Merkel and Tsipras), Low Testosterone Effeminate Males, Hysterical Feminists, Faggots and TranniesIn contrast, Turkey, which is led by a barbaric Mongol and is only growing stronger - Whereas Liberal Europe is only getting weaker, and becoming a laughing stock and joke to the rest of the non-Western world.
If you want a strong Europe, with strong European countries that doesn't take orders from Turkey, than only parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece and the NPD in Germany are the solutions. 

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  1. The West Europeans themselves are to blame for bum licking the Turks.After all they are the ones who helped them invade the ancient lands which they call Turkey now.Can you imagine these Mongol related goat herders from Central Asia making demands to the Europeans.It was always the dream of the Turks to invade Europe.Now the stupid West Europeans want to invite them through the front door.Be prepared for an even larger Muslim invasion in the near future.After all it is an organized plan for these Muslims to out breed everyone in Europe.But thank God their are many patriotic Europeans on the continent and we will stop their plans.We will preserve Europe's integrity and culture.And in power the the Nationalists will arrest the traitors who have have bowed to the demands of countries like Turkey who meddle in every other countries affairs in the region.Did you hear the latest claims by Turkey in the Aegean?They say that 160 Greek islands in the Aegean belongs to them.Not bad for a race of Mongol barbarians who's ancestors from the mountains of Central Asia didn't even know how an island looked like in the first place!