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The System demands Democracy – but only when it suits them

For those that attended a public high school here in Australia, I'm sure you all remember the great badge of honour your (most likely) Anglo teacher gave to you when we learnt about Democracy in history class. 'You should be proud to be Greek. The Greeks invented and died at Thermoplyae to protect Democracy, the greatest system in the world' my year 7 teacher said, hoping to get me interested in her boring class.

Upon reflection, I think its obviously she knowingly lied about that statement, as a history teacher would know the Spartans at Thermopylae where hardly fighting for Democracy, but rather their king and dual-aristocracy, the literal opposite of Athenian Democracy. Today I wonder if she ever read The Republic, quite possibly one of the greatest critiques of Democracy itself:

'Imagine then a ship or a fleet in which there is a captain who is taller and stronger than any of the crew, but who is a little deaf and has a similar infirmity in sight, and whose knowledge of navigation is not much better. The sailors are quarreling with one another about the steering—every one is of the opinion that he has a right to steer, though he has never learned the art of navigation …'

Despite Greece being the birthplace of Democracy, it was also the birthplace of many other political ideologies or schools of thought, including anti-democracy. Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle where all strong critics of Democracy, who saw it as it inherently corrupt, with only tyranny being a worser form of government.

Of the 1,500 Greek city States, outside of Athens, only Corinth, Megara, Syracuse had some form of Democracy, usually for a limited period of time. When looking at the bigger picture, it becomes obvious that Democracy was a relatively short lived and extremely isolated political ideology when you look at over 5,000 years of Greek history.

Today's democracy, although sharing the same name as its supposed ancient predecessor, in practice remains largely unconnected to the Athenian system, and would be better titled Anglo-Electorialism, as it is a form of government that grew out of the British Parliamentarian system. Athenian Democracy as we know it, only provided ethnic Greek Athenian men citizenship, baring women, slaves, foreigners and even non-Athenian Greeks from taking part in Democracy. This same kind of system would be by all means termed 'fascist' by most liberal champions of Democracy today.

While the purpose of this article itself is not meant to be a critique of Democracy, it is important to highlight the hypocrisy of the modern left and right, who hold democracy as high as the religion of equality, but only when it suits them.

Our first example is the French Civic Nationalist party of Front National, who have enjoyed a consistent rise in the polls following the Global Financial Crisis. In recent regional elections late last year, we saw the Socialist party withdraw, while urging their base to vote for the conservatives, in order to block the Nationalists candidates. Democracy is great from those at the top, until your enemies are more popular than you are, and you feel the need to resort to dirty political tactics to stay ontop.

Our next example is extremely relevant to our readers, who are all familiar with the unconstitutional arrests of Golden Dawn MPs in late 2013. As Golden Dawn soared in the polls and came close to becoming National Opposition, the ruling regime of Samaras, abused their judicial powers to order the arrests of Golden Dawn MPs on phony charges of being a criminal syndicate. Years later, not a single piece of evidence has proven that Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation, and the system's attempts to ban Golden Dawn has all but fallen apart, as we remain firmly the 3rd largest political party in Greece.

The shocking confession of Samara's top minister, clearly showed that democracy is great, until you fall from grace and the people no longer support you through the legitimate system. How fitting is it that the party that that simply attempts to outlaws it's political competition is called 'New Democracy'? The same can be said for certain polling booths in the 2014 elections, who claimed Golden Dawn was not printed as a legitimate party on the ballot paper for potential voters, as it 'wasn't democratic'. Clearly, the irony was lost to them.

While we are no fan of the fake 'patriots' who marry Asian women and claim to love Australia, it is fair to say former Cuckservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott had One Nation leader Pauline Hanson thrown in gaol, after she became a little too popular for the Liberal Party's liking. The ruling was later overturned in court, as there was no evidence of electoral fraud, however, the damage had been done, and the One Nation party remained a party of cucks, possibly almost as much as the Liberal party. Again, another example of how democracy is great for the ruling elite, both the left and right, until they have to compete with outsiders who aren't prepared to play ball in their corrupt little games.

Lastly is the the German NPD, a real nationalist party that has an important political alliance with the Golden Dawn. The NPD has been allowed to function as a nationalist party in Germany since the 1960s, in order to prove that they will forever have no place at the political table because their ideas are not favoured by the German people. To ensure they stayed down, the Germany authorities use harsh laws to block their free speech, as well as infiltrating their organisation (reliable estimates as high as 1 in 7) with government agents who acted as provocateurs. In what can only be described as an epic fail of the government, the attempt to ban the NPD in 2003 was hilariously dropped, as it was shown that all the illegal activities of the NPD where in fact done by state agents who infiltrated the organisation.

While the German system could once use democracy to laugh at the NPD as they failed to gain votes, Angela Merkel's latest national suicide policy is providing much needed steam to the German Nationalists. As such, the call to ban the NPD has been called once again, as they polish their image and appear to be gaining much traction as the Muslim invasion turns every day German people away from the political class that is little different to the former Weimar Republic plutocrats. Democracy was once considered a great way to keep Nationalists out of the political arena, but now that this is no longer the case, the system is quick to turn to tyranny, in order to save itself from being voted out.

Direct Democracy is clearly a better system in order to enact the will of the poeople. As such, Golden Dawn have consistently called for a referendum on a number of important national issues, such as immigration, the memorandum & traditional marriage. Oddly enough Syriza did agree to a referendum on the memorandum, only to do the exact opposite to the popular vote!

The latest Nationalist call for a referendum is with regards to the unprecedented migrant invasion. 8 times as many aliens have crossed into Greece compared to the same time last year, and we are turning into a 3rd world country through illegal immigration. The government has ignored our calls forathe people's vote, and instead responds by planning to build 'more immigrant hot spots' around the country to cater for the illegals, who will inevitably stuck in Greece as our neighbours shut their borders.

The system doesn't want a bar of it, they completely refuse to hold a referendum on illegal immigration, because they fear the will of the Greek people. Soon enough, this hopeless government will soon fall apart, possibly around Easter, and countless more voters will find political alternatives to end the invasion crisis, as well as to remove our country from the strangle hold of the Troika, as they voted in the last referendum.

Written by XA Sydney

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  1. Democracy/Capitalism has proven the most resilient system. It has defeated communism and facism, by and large replaced Monarchy. It currently is in a battle with fundamentalism and looks like ultimately it will win that too. Why? Because Capitalist democracy caters for peoples greed. It allows for evils, while giving the illusion of freedom to the populace, who can be easily controlled by saddling them with debt, the media and the judicial system.

    Look at Greece. For thousands of years we have sent our armies to the borders to fight. Who is there to fight now? How do you fight economic colonialism with an army? You cant. Economic control is far more effective then military control. It is far more subversive and a threat to your culture.

    This is why those in power in Greece over the past few decades should stand trial for treason and be arrested for their deeds.