Saturday, 26 March 2016

The simple solution to Illegal Muslim Immigration

While we are not a fan of Alex Jones and Infowars, we do occasionally find a few gems that are worth sharing. After all, a broken clock is right twice a day...

Here is a notable short clip, by political commentator Paul Joseph Watson, making some crucial, but plainly obvious points about the Brussels terrorist attacks by Moslems:

  • In the past 30 days, there has been 23 Moslem terrorist attacks in 22 different countries.  Although the media only mentions the ones that happen in Western countries.                         
  • In those Moslem terrorist attacks in the past 30 days, 1,018 people have been killed and 2,008 people injured.
  • Putting a filter on your facebook photo, of French or Belgium flag, is NOT going to stop Islamic terrorism.
  • Starting a sympathetic hash tag on Twitter, (#PrayforBrussels) is NOT going to stop Islamic terrorism.
  • Giving hugs to Moslems, is NOT going to stop Islamic terrorism.

So what is the only solution to Islamic terrorism, as well as the other problems that Moslems immigrants are bringing to the West such as rape, and large government welfare dependency?     
The answer is simple: Stop Moslems from coming into our countries in the first place. Does this sound extreme?  No, because:  

Europe belongs to indigenous Europeans, and has a right to remain only for Europeans, just like Israel says it has a right to build walls, to keep wild beasts (non-Jewish immigrants) out of Israel. Europeans don't owe these illegals and legal immigrant Moslems anything, and have a right to keep them out. Ukrainians are not flooding the borders of Saudi Arabia to escape the civil war, so why do Moslems have the right to do the same in our nations?

Since the time of Mohammad, Europe has fought constantly to keep these hostile people out of Europe, from the Eastern Roman 'Byzantine' Empire, to the Iberian peninsular that fell under their occupation, to the modern islamification of Kosovo which we saw in just a few generations, There is no reason to now bring these people in, particularly considering they are hostile to our Civilization and culture, and have been since the very beginning.

For those pathological altruists who desperately want to help these military age Sunni men, we have the perfect solution for you: leave Greece, and go help the refugees abroad. Go to the camps in Turkey, Lebanon, & Syria, and held rebuild their lands. Real charity begins at home, not in a foreign land, so do the right thing by helping these people where it counts. Given them the gift of running water, crops to grow, schools to teach, and roads to use. Provide them with medical care, clothes to wear and food to eat. I’m sure we’ll miss you greatly, but it’s a worthy sacrifice we are willing to make by letting you leave our country so that you can do this.

Written by XA Melbourne

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  1. These uncivilized raghead goat herders from Central Asia,South Asia,South East Asia and Africa as well as all the sub humans that have forcibly infiltrated Western Civilisation beware never underestimate the European.Don't you dare threaten us in our own countries.Because if you do you will go the same way as the dinosaurs.